Keeping your home tidy and organised is easier when you have the right tools at your disposal. Label printers are some of the tools that can be used to assist in making your house a tidy place to live in. From labelling clothes to kitchen jars, the label printer is increasingly becoming a necessity. Short of hiring a personal organiser to properly arrange items in your office or at home, labelling is one of the best ways to keep living and work environments clutter-free, relieving stress and promoting better focus in the process.

Thankfully, label printers make light of what used to be time-consuming work. No need to break out the markers and sticky tape – now you can easily create and print your own custom labels at home or in the office for just about any use – from clothing and storage bins to files and stationery items.

It’s important to consider your options carefully when looking for a label printer for home and work use. Epson shares a few handy tips to keep in mind.

1. Portability and ease-of-use

Whether for home or office use, opt for a label printer that is light weight and simple to use, like Epson’s LW300 and LW400 label printers that fit easily into the palm of your hand. The LW printer series also has a backlit two-line display screen as well as a user-friendly interface, allowing you to create clear, beautiful labels in a matter of seconds.

2. Battery life

It’s also important to choose a label printer that you can use without having to plug it into an electrical socket, to allow you to move around with ease. Look for a label printer that offers an alternative power source, such as batteries, which will ensure that you are able to make use of it any time you need to, whether at home or work.

3. Quality and suitability of label tape

From labelling spice and condiment jars in the kitchen to bringing order to a cluttered garage, make sure the label tapes you purchase are fit for the purpose intended. Opt for a high quality and durable labelling tape that won’t wear or peel off easily over time. For labelling on items that are kept outdoors or in storage units, use tapes from reputable dealers and stockists that have been tested for durability, in order to avoid the hassle and confusion of fading.

4. Variety in tape options

Choose a label printer that can be used with various types of tape to ensure you get maximum use out of it. Epson offers high quality tapes in a range of materials and colours, including attention-grabbing fluorescent and reflective tapes for safety applications. The extensive range also includes a glow in the dark option, which is particularly useful during a power outage, as well as iron-on tapes ideal for adding labels to clothes.

5. Special features

Additional features, such as the ability to play around with symbols, emoticons and different font styles make organising and decluttering a great deal more fun – especially for the kids! There are a number of label printers on the market today that offer new and exciting ways to label your life and make ‘tidy-up time’ more fun for the whole family.


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