Tecno Camon C9 – Why Selfie is changing the makeup of Front Cameras

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It is a visual life and the selfie generation is taking over. But before I go that, i would like to trace how things have changed over time in the world of photography. Not long time ago a camera man was the most popular man in a village, comparable only to a teacher. The diary of a camera man was normally full with appointment from different families waiting to capture and store the moments in history that they would not want to forget.  This was more so during the festive seasons like Christmas, new year, the Easter and also during family gatherings.  The limitation of this was the fact that each village used to have only one camera man, who had to move from house to house, and the end some houses use not to get him at the right time they needed him.

Like any other aspect of life, technology changed all that. The invention of digital camera or digicam marked the beginning of new error in photography.   Most cameras sold today are digital, and digital cameras are incorporated into many devices ranging from PDAs and mobile phones (called camera phones) to vehicles. Camera phones, have made easy for individuals to take their own pictures.  Villages no longer need a camera as each individual is a camera person through their phones. The cameras on the phones have improved with time although the most concentration has been on the camera. This is understandable as there is enough room on the back of a phone to include to include a bigger camera sensor as compared to the front side.

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Tecno Camon C9

Then people themselves discovered selfie in the last two or three years. The power of selfie has changed focus for manufacturer from the back cameras to the front cameras. It is important to note at this point that Tecno Camon C9 has the same Megapixels for the back camera as front camera, 13 MP. During the launch I asked Dickson Irerei of Tecno why is this so and with smile he told me look around and see how many are taking selfies at that moment. True to the point there were people using the front camera to take selfies as opposed to people using back camera to take pictures.

Take a selfie is not an easy thing to say the truth and that is why the attempt to make it easy has been made including the use selfie stick. The biggest problem is getting the right angles especially when taking group selfies. Tuko.co.ke explained very well how the Tecno Camon C9 solve the issue of the angle which enable people to some of the great selfies.

“Tecno Camon C9 has two ways of going about this problem. The first one is the 83° wide angle front camera lens that will enable users take wider selfies; it is said to beat Samsung S6 Edge.

You can as well switch to the 120° Panorama Selfie mode to enhance the angle even wider. “

The fact that the front camera is 13 MP with Flashlight is a plus especially for the party goers. When you are not in a well-lit room, the Tecno Camon 9 front camera allows you to take a clear lovely selfie.

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Rear Camera

As for the back camera, below are some of the pictures, be the judge. 13MP with a flashlight like the front camera.

Machakos Trainin



















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