Ericsson is showcasing smart solutions at Mobile 360 Africa

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  • Posted: July 27, 2016 at 12:05 pm

Happening right now and winding up tomorrow in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania is the Mobile 360 Africa. The Mobile 360 Africa is hosted by the GSMA and brings together operators, government officials, ICT, finance, NGO and media leaders across Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond to evaluate how stakeholders can elevate access across the region with focus on digital inclusion, network coverage and customers’ quality of experience. Ericsson is attending the conference to among other things showcase its smart solutions that are transforming industries across Africa and globally. Among the solutions Ericsson is showcasing is its Ericcson Mobile Wallet Platform.

The Ericsson Wallet Platform is a   service that is designed to be cost-efficient, reliable and secure, ensuring that transferring money can be as easy as sending a text – and receiving money as simple as receiving a phone call. The other smart solution in Ericsson’s purse for the Mobile 360 conference is the Ericsson Revenue Manager, which is designed to help operators meet both the challenges and opportunities presented by the Networked Society. A cloud-ready convergent charging and billing system, Ericsson Revenue Manager redefines the role of BSS.  It makes innovation fast and efficient, opens the door to easier digital services creation that spans beyond telecoms and integrates partners from different industries.

In addition to the individual Ericsson productions, Ericsson is also using the opportunity at the Mobile 360 Africa conference to demonstrate how Information and communications technologies (ICT) can provide a new strategic value with the convergence of mobile broadband connectivity, rich media capable devices, explosion in data, improved big data analytic tools, and powerful and secure cloud platforms.

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Shiletsi Makhofane, Ericsson Head of Government and Industry Relations for sub-Saharan Africa says: “Ericsson is a leading advocate for the role of ICT in enabling transformation in Africa demonstrating the positive impacts that technology can have on society.We see many opportunities in Africa which we can meet by using our existing portfolios in M Commerce, TV Media, Utilities, Transport, Education etc. At this conference, we will be demonstrating some of these opportunities”. Mr Makhofane will be speaking at the conference opening keynote panel discussion, focusing on enabling access for all. Ericsson believes that in the Networked Society, Mobility, broadband, and cloud interact to make ICTs faster, cheaper, and more accessible – creating vast pools of data and providing the tools to analyze it.

NuVu, a subscription-based video-on-demand service, is also a product by Ericsson that’s up for demonstrations at the Mobile 360 Africa Conference. NuVu is a complete end-to-end technology and content service which leverages Ericsson’s extensive over-the-top capabilities, and will be fully integrated into the operator’s customer relationship management and payment systems.

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