While we are familiar with the traditional advertisement that doesn’t give back to the viewers, innovative Kenyans have developed an Android advertising App that is ready to pay the viewers for watching ads. Choto, a new Smartphone App launched in Nairobi, Kenya, is ready to get your pocket sorted just by watching an advertisement.
Choto is mobile application founded in the year 2016 aims to make marketing great and fun by creating a platform where one watches the adverts aired on it and make money in return. The App offers the advertisers an affordable advertising service and exposes their products and services to a wide range of viewers.
The advertisers who would like to use the platform need to visit the Choto App offices to sign a contract and Non-Disclosure agreement with the team. Thereafter they need to place payment for the advertisement needed to be aired. The advertisers will receive statistics review report concerning the advert they have paid for. Choto App helps the advertisers by pushing the targeted adverts to the viewers who watches them to completion. The advertising companies are able to extract ad statistics from the platform Choto app is affordable for advertising products and services compared to the other platforms and is particularly helpful as it reaches to the audience easily

On the other hand the viewers who watch adverts on Choto App are able to make money by simply watching adverts to the very end. The viewers are also exposed to a large variety of adverts hence are aware of various products and services offered out there and can be able to engage easily and make informed decisions during purchase. The viewer needs to download the Choto app on his/her Smartphone from the Google Play store, agree with terms and conditions offered and proceed to create an account.


He or she will be needed to watch the advertisement to the end. Payment will be availed to his or her mobile number through the mobile banking for withdrawal upon approval.

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