iTax DEADLINE is near – and – Here are the answers to your iTax Returns questions

In the beginning of this month we took time to write a lengthy article meant to inform you that you have the obligation of filing annual tax returns, and that starting this year, all the tax returns will be filed via the KRA iTax portal. For the reasons that filing tax returns must be done only via the iTax Portal, you’ll allow us to use the term iTax returns to mean tax returns.

The deadline for filing iTax returns is 30th June each year – five days away from today. If you are a typical Kenyan I know you are waiting for the deadline date before you can have time for hustling through the filing of your iTax returns. Bad idea. As opposed to queues, the iTax Returns will not just bore you because there are long queues down the hall but system jam will probably lock you out out thereby denying you the chance to comply with your legal tax obligations. It won’t end there. If the system will lock you out the entire day such that by 1st July you haven’t filed your iTax returns for the year January 2015 to December 2015, then you will have automatically incurred a penalty of Kshs 1,000 (for individuals) or Kshs 10,000 (for businesses).

In the past, KRA has not bothered to ensure that every Kenyan aged 18 and above has complied with the law by filing their individual or corporate tax returns – specifically individual returns. However, this time round KRA is not going to spare anyone. They made this very clear through various media channels, meaning you have no choice but to file your iTax returns on or before June 30th 2016.

The formally employed and those with NIL returns should find the process of filing iTax returns a walk in the park. This is because these two individuals are not required to use the very hard to use Excel Document. Those who are employed in the informal sector (self employed) and those who run formal businesses are not as lucky as they must use the complicated excel document in order to file their iTax returns, and as was noted in a previous article, the Excel documents can cause heart-wrenching confusion.

Whether the process of filing your iTax returns is the easy route where you are only required to provide your iTax information through the iTax online forms, or the tedious confusing Excel Document process that is likely to give you some headache, you still must file your iTax returns on or before June 30th 2016 – we cannot emphasize this enough. If for whatever reasons you are not able to file your iTax returns, you can always reach out to KRA through their Facebook Page, Twitter Handle, or call them on 0204999999,0204998000 or 0711-099999. Those who of you who still love emailing can also reach them via

In the meantime, we obtained some of the Frequently asked Questions about the iTax returns that should answer most if not all of your iTax returns questions:

iTax Returns Frequently asked Questions

How does iTax work?

iTax allows one to update their tax registration details, file tax returns, register all tax payments and make status enquiries in real-time monitoring of their ledger/account.#iTaxToday

How do I register for a PIN?

Click on the “PIN registration tab on this link

Can I file my returns without updating my PIN?

You need to update your PIN on iTax before you file your return

Are manual returns acceptable?

Manual returns are no longer accepted. All returns are filed online on the iTax platform×16.3cm%20%281%29-%20revised.pdf 

If I forget/misplace my PIN, do I need another one?

In case you forget/misplace your PIN, please visit the nearest KRA office or @HudumaKenya with your original ID (Passport for non-resident) for retrieval 

What do I need to retrieve my PIN?

You need to present your original national ID for Kenyans, passport for non-Kenyan-nonresident or alien ID for non-Kenyan resident to KRA office or @HudumaKenya

What should I do when I get an error message that my date of birth is inconsistent with the records at national registration bureau?

Try using 1st/July/YOB. In case this does not work, contact KRA for further assistance on 0711099999 or

What do I do in case I forget my login password?

Use the ‘Forgot password’ link on the portal or contact us for a password reset.

Once I file online, do I need to visit your offices?

No, you will receive an acknowledgment receipt of your filed return to confirm it has been received #iTaxToday

How do I make payment on iTax?

Log in to your web portal account through select payment registration under payment drop down menu, fill the required details on payment information page, submit and download the E-slip. Using the PRN as your account number, you can make payment via Mpesa, pay bill number 572572 or use the downloaded E-slip as your deposit slip for Bank payments.

How do I view already filed returns on iTax?

Log in iTax, go to the ‘Returns’ tab, select ‘View Filed Return’ and click the ‘Consult’ tab.

What are the repercussions for failure to file or pay taxes?

Failure to file returns and pay taxes where due attracts penalties and interest

What is the current I.T.1 version?

To get the updated version of the return kindly download it through you web portal account

What do I do when I get the error message ‘you might be using a cached page’?

Open a new tab or refresh the web page

I applied for a PIN this year. I am eligible to file annual returns?

This depends on the tax obligation on your PIN. NOTE: For IT1/IT2C the current filing period applies to taxpayers who acquired their PINs either in the course of 2015 or prior.

I was not in gainful employment in the course of 2015. Do I still need to file a return?

Yes, you do. However, in your case, you shall file a Nil return

Where do I get a P9 form?

Kindly liaise with your employer to be facilitated with the form

I cannot access the email address I used during registration on iTax account. What should I do?

Send a colored scan of your original national ID, PIN and the working email address to for amendment 

 My Accounting Period is displayed wrongly in the iPage functionality. How do I get them corrected?

Log in to your PIN profile, select registration and click on amend PIN details to initiate change of accounting period.

Is one required to file when business details have been amended and not yet approved.  i.e. accounting period, type of business.

Yes one should still file, even before the amendment is done.

Can the amount auto-populated in the ITR be edited?

If the PAYE credits are less than 12 months, ITR can be edited. However, if the employer filed via iTax and all the credits (12 months) are updated on the iTax ledger, then the figures cannot be edited.

Can a VAT obligation added erroneously be removed?

Yes. Visit your tax station with a letter requesting for removal of the obligation.

What is the validity period of an e-slip?

An e-slip is valid for 30 days.

 Can I make a payment before filing a return?

Yes you can. Payments of taxes and filing returns have been delinked

 What do I do if I made payments but I cannot see them on my iTax ledger?

This mainly happens if payments are outside iTax platform i.e. without generating a PRN from iTax or not quoting the PRN when executing payment. The taxpayer should provide the payment documents to their respective KRA station

 Q How do I make payments for Income Tax – Withholding (WHT) in iTax?

Go to Payments then Payment Registration on taxpayer profile. Select Income Tax on the Tax Head then select WHT on Tax Sub Head. You can add withholdee details that you have withheld their payment either by Excel Upload or by Web Form. Add the transaction details. Generate a payment slip by selecting mode of payment and bank details.

 Can I correct an error once I file a return? Yes.

You can do this by filing an amended return.

Can I view a copy of the previous returns that I have filed for previous tax periods?

Yes. You login to your account, select the returns tab then View filed return

I am below the tax threshold of KSH.11,135. Should I file?

Yes, download the form, fill, and then the form will calculate the tax due

Can I file my employee income and side hustle income.

Yes, fill the details on IT1, and declare you have another source of income.

I am uploading my return and there is an error 146021787851

The error is normally due to connectivity issue kindly, keep trying

How can I pay for my penalties?

Generate an e-Slip pertaining Payment Registration Number (PRN) and make payment via (Mpesa,Cash, Cheque or RTGS)

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