Future of Cyber Security-How Machine Learning will play a huge role

I spent the better of last week in Accra Ghana giving a presentation to a mixed audience of IT auditors, security managers and cyber security professionals during the annual Accra ISACA conference.

The conference was rich in content from exceptional presenters who have several years of experience in their fields from day one.

I have built a lot of distributed machine learning solutions and definitely would have not left without sharing with the audience how machine learning will play a big role in the future.

My topic was on “future of cyber security” and took the stage to share how machine learning will play a big role in the future of cyber security. Here is why

1. Pattern recognition

With machine learning, the ever-changing tactics of cyber criminals will be analysed and identified in real-time and proactively blocked before they can cause damage to targets. There are quite a number of well developed machine learning models that can do this. Coupled with easy cloud deployment, most organizations will be able to respond to impending cyber attacks way before they take place.

2. Cloud & Big Data

With cheap storage, many organizations will be able to collect tons of data on system usage, patterns & users. This will be analyzed in real time using distributed machine learning tools with a very fast response time. ApacheSpark is one of those tools that will play such a role. Organizations like Databricks will see a huge demand for hosted distributed machine learning platforms in this particular area.

3. Event driven computing

In the future, more and more organizations will embrace “infrastructure as a code” basically the ability to deploy your entire infrastructure from a piece of well scripted code. A few cloud providers have this e.g. Amazon AWS has the CloudFormation, Lambda functions and etc. This essentially will give organizations the ability to redeploy “clean” environments once a red-flag has been raised on the integrity of their systems from the machine learning monitor.

The long and short, machine learning will play a huge role in the future of cyber security and organizations should start thinking along these lines. Needless to say that adopting cloud will be non-negotiable; it doesn’t matter whether be it on private, public or hybrid, cloud is here to stay.


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