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On April 21 2015, Google rolled out a new search engine algorithm that gives priority to websites that are mobile friendly. Since then, most websites that are not customized to display properly on mobile devices are not prioritized on the search results, even if the website has the most relevant content for the search term – forcing many to redesign their websites and blogsites, and the latest company to redesign its website to mobile and user friendliness is Pfzer whose website is

The new has been designed to be user friendly, meaning it is easy to navigate around straight from the home page.


As the above image shows, the navigation panel has few easy to read and easy to access five part menu items, that according to Ngozi Ushedo, the Pfizer Media and Public Relations Manager, speaking during the launch of the new website, “provides the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality.”

On mobile devices, the website ensures that content perfectly fits within the display, allowing for smooth zoom in and out to optimize the reading experience. Although some mobile friendly website collapse the menu items under a menu icon, displays all the five menus to tiny bits that get magnifies when pressed. This is how the Media section of the website displays on a 6 inch mobile screen.


The new website allows customers to access detailed product information and videos with the option to share information across all major social networking sites. Created with the user experience firmly in mind, the website has also been built to be compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices.

“We have established this portal as a foundation for credible information. It will be a great platform where stakeholders can explore more into our business, what our business is about and what it can do in the future. We are proud of our website and will continue to improve the site so that it best serves how we communicate to our various stakeholders” said Ngozi Ushedo.

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