She won’t buy the new Infinix Hot Dragon because it’s called Infinix Hot Dragon

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  • Posted: June 20, 2016 at 4:46 pm

Some call it superstition, others religious fanaticism. Related to it is staurophobia, the fear of the cross. I am talking about the fear of religious symbolism. Many fear the symbols associated with the worship of Satan, the Devil or some evil gods – and one such symbol is the Dragon and its name. There are people who fear the Dragon to the extent that they cannot touch anything that bears the name Dragon, not even if that thing is a beautifully made extremely affordable LTE enabled Infinix Hot Dragon (Infinix Hot 3 LTE) smartphone.

This I learnt from a Facebook post by Jumia Kenya on Facebook that reads, “The HOT dragon is back :D. Hurry and get yours today on Jumia at 11699 kshs only”. That post received remarkable reactions and comments  including this comment:

That was just but the beginning. According to another commenter, despite the goodies promised by the Infinix Hot 3 LTE edition, there is no way on earth she can buy that phone. Reason? The Infinix Hot 3 LTE is also called Infinix Hot Dragon.

Infinix Hot Dragon

Infinix Hot Dragon

DRAGON. Read it aloud. How does it sound? Scary? I bet not. I bet it sounds strong, feary, bold. Dragon, the word – myths aside – is a powerful sound connoting strength, durability and protection. It is a name befitting some high end flagship device by a flagship brand like Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC and etc. It is a name that, if I were allowed to freely speak my mind, has been misused by Infinix. According to the specs of Infinix Hot 3 LTE edition, the device is infinitely below the power, strength and boldness of a Dragon.

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Infinix Hot Dragon is a 5.5 inches smartphone working on an old IPS capacitive touchscreen running on 2GB RAM and housing a 16 GB Internal storage. At the back of the phone is a 13 MP camera powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 415, Octa-core 64 Bit Chipset which gives the phone its Dragon name. The other Infinix phones run of Mediatek processors.

Even though the phone is being launched at a time when Google is introducing the Android N in the market, a time where Android M (Android Marshmallow) has had sufficient time to be adopted by almost every Android smartphone launched in 2015, the 2016 mid budget Infinix Hot Dragon has been launched under Android L (Android Lollipop), which is a 2014 Android iteration.

When it comes to the real power, the battery power, Infinix Hot Dragon’s battery is rated above many flagships at 3000mAh but still way below the battery that came with Infinix Hot Note at 4000mAh. If you can remember, the Infinix Hot Note also features 5.5 inch screen meaning by phone size the Infinix Hot Dragon ought to be able to house a battery as big as that housed by Infinix Hot Note.

Then there is the price – and here is where the best news is found. Infinix Hot Dragon is an LTE 4G, 5.5 inches smartphone running on a snapdragon processor and featuring a 13MP camera – features that if the phone were a Microsoft or a Samsung could have been priced somewhere near Kshs 30,000 (compare with Samsung Galaxy J7 or Microsoft Lumia 640 XL) for instance. Despite those cool features, Infinix is selling the Infinix Hot Dragon for Kshs 11,699 only – and the only part that’s inferior to devices with similar specs from renowned brands is the screen resolution which is 720p instead of the true HD 1080p. But trust me on this, when it comes to viewing videos in 720p, there is absolutely no visual difference between 720p and 1080p on a screen as small as a 5.5 inches screen. Those differences would be noticeable on larger screens at the range of 40 inches and above.

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In conclusion therefore, the only disadvantage I can point out from Infinix Hot Dragon even before testing it is the fact that the name Dragon is way beyond the device – but when it comes to pricing, the device is way too affordable compared to its peers spec wise. If you ever wanted to buy an affordable smartphone that would deliver to you almost everything a smartphone can deliver without headache, then Infinix Hot Dragon is your to go to 2016 device – as at now.

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