Fathers do more in protecting their kids online

In most modern families, fathers always strive to find a balance between safeguarding kids online and encouraging their interest in the Internet and cutting-edge gadgets.

According to a survey, the vast majority of fathers feel responsible both for the financial maintenance of their families and their cyber security. This means it’s usually the father who installs security solutions on all the digital devices at home therefore protecting their kids online – 86% said they protected PCs, 77% secured smartphones, and 63% installed anti-malware on tablets.

Perhaps this is why dad is more inclined than mom to let the kids use gadgets from a very early age. For instance, the number of fathers who give smartphones or tablets to children before their first birthday is at least double the number of mothers who admit to doing the same. On top of this, dads tend to view the Internet as a great thing for both them and their kids online, with two-thirds of fathers who took part in the survey saying so.

Also, unlike mothers, dads believe the Internet has a positive effect on their children – on their physical and mental condition, their performance at school, their future profession and on their life in general. For example, 45% of fathers think that their children feel more successful and at ease with their friends due to the Internet, and more than a quarter (29%) believe the Web helps make their kids more organized in terms of scheduling their time.

When it comes to gadgets, fathers are more likely to buy them for their children so that they’re not treated as outsiders. For example, half of dads provided their kids with a computer or a laptop with this in mind. Fathers are also convinced that today’s children need to know how to use digital devices, and more than a third (36%) bought their sons or daughters a tablet because of this.

“Despite all the differences between them, both fathers and mothers want to safeguard their children from any threats – real or virtual. Of course, they are worried that they might not be doing the right thing, that all the fun of gadgets will have a negative effect on their beloved kids and that the Internet is maybe, not that cool after all. And yet, they are eager to teach their children how to surf the Web safely and how to get the most from modern technologies. We’re pleased to see that parents are using security solutions and making sure they are installed and activated. Knowing all this, children can definitely thank their moms and dads,” said David Emm, Senior Security Researcher at Kaspersky.  

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--- Erick Vateta is a lawyer by training, poet, script and creative writer by talent, a model, and tech enthusiast. He covers International tech trends, data security and cyber attacks.


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