Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kenya Hacked – The 1TB hacked data include details on Corruption

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kenya Hacked – A hacking group that calls themselves Anonymous that has existed since 2003 and has been able to slow the Internet in certain jurisdictions, take down servers, and hack Government, Religious and Corporate website has managed to hack 1 terabyte of data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kenya and according to the Group, the a huge chunk of the data contains details on corruption scandals that may be bigger than scandals surrounding Panama Papers.

Part of the hacked data has already been published online but on the Dark Web. Dark Web is a hidden part of the Internet where normal browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and the rest you are familiar with cannot access. To access content published in the Dark Web, you need to use specialized browsers like Tor Browsers and Tor Search Engines. The Dark Web is actually 500 times bigger than the surface web that we normally access through Google etc. The reason many hackers and whistleblowers like Edward Snowden prefer the Dark Web is the anonymity the Dark Web provides as there is no easy way to trace the devices and IP addressed used to publish content in the Dark Web.

HackRead has been able to access part of the hacked documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that were published in the Dark Web. According to HackRead, the  dumped documents contain “confidential and non-confidential PDF and Docx files from the ministry server including email conversations, security related communication, international trade agreements, letters discussing the security situation in Sudan where government forces are fighting the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), conversations related to weapon clearance in Namibia, details about a business collaboration deal between Kenya and Oman, and several other documents discussing state officials visiting the country.”

HackRead was also able to reach the Anonymous hackers and asked them whether what they already published is all they got, “We have 1TB of data but at the moment, we have leaked just one portion of it. In few days you will receive full disclosure of the data – We the Anonymous will stand against corruption, child abuse, and child labour! The government of Kenya should have expected,” the Anonymous Group replied.

Anonymous Hackers conducted their hacking under the banner of OpAfrica, an initiative launched last year to fight African Governments that support child abuse, child labour and corruption. The African Governments that have been hacked so far under the banner include South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and now Kenya.

As there haven’t been any significant Government fallouts as a result of the the previous hackings by the same group, we can rest assured that nothing major will happen in Kenya even after the entire 1TB of data shall have been published in the Dark Web – most probably because this is Africa; and in particular, this is Kenya.



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