Drones are a disaster waiting to tear apart the Aviation Industry

Just came across a piece where a man shot down his neighbour’s drone, after he got the impression that the government was annoyingly being in his business monitoring each and every step of his. It sounds funny that someone would actually pick a shotgun to destroy the little buzzing gadget; but thinking about it, I too would shoot it down. Not only will I shoot one down because drones are a disaster waiting to tear apart the Aviation Industry, but because they are an annoyance to those who care.

Drones can be annoying especially if you live in a neighborhood where these gadgets fly above your roof and in most cases doing so illegally.  In most states including Kenya, flying drones is illegal. The government of Kenya for instance is still not sure whether it is the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority or the Ministry of defense that should authorize and regulate the technology.

As a case study of why drones are a disaster waiting to happen, just yesterday, a British Airways flight from Geneva was hit by a drone as it was landing at London’s Heathrow Airport. Luckily, the Airbus A320 was flying low ready to land. The drone owner risked compromising 137 lives having fun flying the little thing near the airport. No arrests have been made yet concerning the incident but what do you expect when you do not have to register your drone on purchase?

The problem begins with acquisition of the said technology, all you need is 1,000 pounds or more, get into unmanned aerial vehicle store and purchase a ‘toy’ of your choice. Except for the manual, no one briefs you on any regulations or safety measures. What would happen if we all rode drones?

Authorities around the world are not sure how many drones exist since private aircrafts of this kind go unauthorized.

Drones are probably the best thing that ever happened to photographers, Media houses and event organizers. I mean, the view is priceless and unachievable using normal cameras. High society events in Kenya today have a drone on the checklist. How the government still terms them illegal is what I do not get.

To start with, the little aircrafts often lose signal and do not do well in bad weather which goes down to wind also, the fact that owners are not necessarily expertise, accidents are inclined to happen. Beyond the excitement, individuals should be reminded that the gadgets are not toys, but aircrafts.

The gadgets have become show stoppers. You know, it is amazing to watch a self-flying gadget hover above your head…In fact it is mind blowing, until the day you witness that thing trip over someone’s head.

In Britain, drones below 44 pounds are assumed to be recreational and therefore do not need any regulation.  There are ‘several million’ drones today in the United States, most of which are not regulated. It is a great technology response but a giant threat in the aviation industry.

It might not seem like a matter of urgency, but the continued purchase and construction of drones might mean a lot in the near future. When children in your neighborhood or house will have drones for toys, that’s when the reality that drones are a disaster will dawn on many.


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