Seriously KBC, What the heck is this?

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  • 5 years ago
  • Posted: April 17, 2016 at 7:33 pm

Nobody watches KBC, so I am told. The other day I saw on Twitter people saying that KBC has some of the best content locally but due to bad history, no one knows about their great content. I also don’t know if KBC has any good content. The only programme I used to watch on the national broadcaster was Vioja Mahakamani but once the programme’s icons including Ondiek, Olexander, the no nonsense judge and the prosecutor got fired, I completely stopped watching the national broadcaster.

I don’t watch KBC for two reasons, first, it has very poor production and broadcast quality. Right from the studio setting, the sound tracks and quality, camera works, to the attire of the TV hosts, the entire KBC programming are very repelling. The station lacks aesthetics. No one in the right mind can stay tuned to the station for more than five minutes.

The second reason I don’t watch KBC is probably the reason anyone else doesn’t watch the channel – brand failure. For those of us who grew up during the dictatorship years of Moi era, we became relieved and excited when new TV Stations sprung up ushering in new look and free spirited KTN, Nation TV (now NTV), and Citizen. The same happened when we liberated from the york of KBC Kiswahili and English Services to allow us enjoy variety of radio with the dawn of Kiss 100, Radio Citizen, Hot FM (has undergone several name changes) to today’s hundreds of radio stations in the country.

Despite not watching KBC over the years, there are those times you find yourself leaving the TV tuned to the boring channel, and this evening was one of those days that I left the TV tuned on the station for more than three hours. After the old school blues programme was over, a banking crisis programme was aired that I thought I should watch. The discussion was on point, though not anything I haven’t heard about since the Chase Bank troubles started (see Social Media Rumours to blame on the collapse of Chase Bank, CBK says and The Banking woes in Kenya that were common during Moi era are back). It was during the banking crisis discussion that KBC brought that poorly designed, illegible and dull Twitter feed screen board shown above.

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That screen board got me wondering, is it because KBC recently went into bankruptcy that it cannot afford to have a digital designer to work on proper presentation of information e.g. from Twitter feed to viewers? If they are unable to present texts from Twitter in a manner that is pleasing to the eyes, why don’t they just use the format Larry Madowo and the team of #TheTrend use where they simply display tweets as they appear on Chrome?

If KBC wants to capture any significant market share, they should restructure themselves starting from overhauling the studios to adopting high class modern day beautifully designed tech systems. They need to employ charming presenters with strong voices, and work mainly on camera creativity and appealing soundtracks.

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