The red dot awards 2016: Asus wins

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Asus has scooped 15 awards in the 2016 Red dot awards for product design with its latest devices picked for design and innovation. Asus ZenBook, Zenpad, Chromebook C202, gaming device ROG GX700 were among those that won the coveted awards.

The Asus baby monitor one that has created a huge uploud was also among devices awarded for competitive and interactive innovation. The products that included 5200 products across 54 countries included EPAM systems a global provider of product development and Software engineering solutions, Sony that scooped an award for its
Glass sound speaker, 4k ultra Bravia X93D series among other home appliances.

The red dot awards Jury chose from a range of technology devices and services with a wide criteria of including degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics and ecological compartment.

The ZenBook recently reviewed device on was awarded for its display, latest generation Core i7 processor, its notebook like finish features and its diversibility for both work and play. The Asus Chromebook C202, a light weight rugged chrome operating system device designed for educational use for schools and colleges to maximise on learning time. The anti-glare screen rear in many laptops and spill resistant keyboard also gave the device an
upper hand in the competition.

In the entertainment accessory category, the Zenpad audio cover 7.0 and 8.0 that provide 5.1channel surround sound went head to head with the Sony h.ear on audio headphones and the Sony XBA-300 headphones. The ZenPad includes four satelitte speakers, one centre – channel speaker and one sub woofer to provide surround sound experience. It also doubles up as a stand for watching videos.

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For the tablets, the Zenpad scooped the award for its features like the interchangeable covers to redefine the tablet experience. Its image processing technology that provides contrast and sharpness adjustments to boost dynamic range. Also, the Asus clutch2 is a fashionable accessory that provides a sophisticated carrying and protection solution just like a normal lady clutch bag.

Gaming devices ROG GX700, G752, Strix GL502, all scooped awards for display technology, gaming processor, RAM to provide for enough storage and their portable design and innovation that beat their peers. The awards position Asus at a decently competitive grid in the tech-scene. However much bigger brands still command attention to consumers, ex-underdogs like ASUS is one to watch out for.

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