Why the upcoming Windows 10 update is exciting

Have you ever wished that computers could do something that if they did would make your life more bearable? I have. For several things actually, and the upcoming Windows 10 update will usher in one of them – the ability to receive and respond to Android notifications on desktop.

Those who love the web WhatsApp should be elated as the upcoming Windows 10 update will ease your life the same way web WhatsApp has done. It will ease the life of those with big offices and are fond of forgetting their phones on the other table yet immediately they set themselves behind the PC to respond to that email, the phone rings, forcing them to leave their desks to go check that text. These people, and those who love working on their laptops in their bedrooms after forgetting their phones on the living room table, should be elated to learn that after upcoming Windows 10 update goes live, they will no longer have to stop doing whatever it is they are doing on their PCs or laptops to go check and respond to an SMS that just arrived on their Android phones.

Right now there are ways you can integrate your Android phone’s messages and phone call notifications with your Windows 10 or whichever version of Windows you are using. You can install your Android phone’s software that should have come in a tiny CD to your computer, and if your phone didn’t come with one, then you can head to your device manufacturer’s website and download the software. But the process is generally hectic given today’s level of laziness, and that’s why the upcoming Windows 10 update will simplify life for everyone.

The Windows 10 update will use Cortana for Android to access the phone’s notification e.g. those of text messages and phone calls, display those notifications on a Windows 10 device e.g. your laptop, and enable you to respond to those notifications right from the desktop computer. This feature will particularly prove useful for text messages and phone calls as other popular Apps like Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp and Twitter already have their web version that allow users to easily toggle between phones and comps without hustle. Once the phone calls and text messages are brought to the PC, then the entire phone experience shall have been exported to the Windows PC.

If this news excite you as both an Android and Windows 10 user, what you need to do is wait for the Windows 10 update to be rolled out around September this year, install the update (it will most likely install itself), then head straight to Google Play Store and download Cortana for Android. You will then use either your Gmail or Microsoft Account to link the Android phone to your PC, and allow Cortana to read then export your Android notifications to the PC.


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