Jumia Flash Sales is coming up, and you will be disappointed

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  • Posted: April 2, 2016 at 12:31 am

Do you remember last year’s Jumia black Friday sales that happened for the second time in Kenya? Many  disappointments were registered. Jumia was called names, bad names. They were called con artists, bastards,  useless, and pathetic. These insults came from those who attempted to rush against time to place their discounted orders but for several reasons could not press that submit button in time. Many who managed to press the submit button were surprised to learn that no items had been placed in their respective carts. And the disappointments are coming back with the Jumia Flash Sales slated for April 7th through to 9th during the celebrations of Jumia’s third anniversary.

Jumia Flash Sales is a sales promotion where they will select a few items e.g. phones and put them up for quick sales at huge discounts – as huge as 80%. For example, they might decide to put three big screen TVs on sales at 50% discount, or 20 units of a particular phone like Samsung Galaxy J1 at 70% discount, or even 100 units of a particular shoe at 80% discount. The catch will be that you must order that product at a particular time of the day/night that will not last more than a minute.

This is where your disappointment will come from – you will receive a notification that the Jumia Flash Sales is due to be live in the next five minutes. You will start your countdown time, and at exactly midday of April 7th (don’t count on that), you will head to Jumia to buy the 80% discounted Nikon camera or the 30% discounted Infinix  smartphone or the 50% discounted LG TV. By the time you start placing your order, all the Infinix phones will be available, and so you will follow the steps 1 through to 4, but what you won’t know is that it is not just you in a hurry to buy that Infinix – a thousand other Kenyans shall have been placing their orders too. But since there will be a limited number of that Infinix phone on the Jumia Flash Sales, only 5, or 10, or even 100 lucky buyers shall have managed to place the Infinix phone in their carts, and that’s why by the time you will be pressing the submit button, there won’t be any Infinix phones left for you to buy.

And you’ll be mad. Very mad. You’ll then rush to Twitter and Facebook to express your anger. You will call Jumia crap, bastards and liars, yet, what you didn’t understand before rushing to place that Jumia Flash Sales order is that you had less than 1% chance of buying that item at such a low price. This is what happened on Jumia Black Friday sales last year and it is bound to happen again during the Jumia Flash Sales.

Now that you are getting ready to water lips with amazing discounts on selected Jumia Flash Sales, be ready. But you won’t have any reason to spew insults at Jumia if your sales doesn’t go through as I have tried to explain to you how the Jumia Flash Sales will work.

Happy third birthday Jumia, but I hope you are more prepared to handle the insults coming your way. I have already seen guys advising your users to not looking forward to the flash sales, but all the best nonetheless.

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