VR sex is real sex

With VR sex, we may not be able to draw the line between real and virtual

Note: The article may appear to have sexually graphic descriptions.

She is the girl of your dreams. Not short but not taller than you either. She is chocolate, slightly heavier than slender and has a booty some would describe as tender. She is not a slut. Her dressing never reveals anything neither do they cover everything. She is the type you only see in TV commercials or in movies that you watch simply because she is the main character. Once in awhile you see her in the streets, or some random office you were invited for a meeting, or in the club; and do nothing. You do nothing because you know you can never bear the “No”. You long made that decision – every time you come across her, the best you can do is to let the eyes do the feeding.

This late afternoon in the midst of your holidays in a sandy beachy coastal Mombasa town while laying your back in one of those beach chairs you suddenly see her come out of the ocean, wet in her bikini. She stretches her arms to then head towards your direction. You quickly tell your eyes to remember their job description and they do. She walks, and the more she walks, towards you she comes. Closer, and closer. Her eyes fixed on you, her smile broadens, and her strides slows … until you start to freak out.

Then she arrives, stands right in front of you smiling. You attempt to say hi but your throat is dry your hi will come out wrong. She jumps in to help you by placing her index finger right across your lips as she helps herself on your laps. You are confused. The advances continue in a manner beyond the scope of this website but after an hour you drop down on your bed exhausted; she slides inside the sheets to fall deep asleep …

That’s when you decide to remove the VR headset from your face and look around your bedroom that is in the middle of Nairobi and you pinch yourself, “welcome back to reality”. But your body, your entire senses, your entire being, is experiencing the exhaustion of an actual sex. You can still feel the pressure on your body a she pressed herself on you. You can still feel her run her fingers right across your lips. You can still feel her scent, her boobs, and her everything else and no matter how you try to convince yourself that it was a VR sex experience, you and your body know it was real. You finally had her – the girl of your dreams.

The experience I have described above does not come without investing in some VR tech. If you want to experience a totally and completely real life like VR sex, you will need to invest in a full VR body suit. For a partial experience that may still feel like real life sex, in addition to the VR headset and VR sex game or porn, a few add-on gadgets are required. These should include VR gloves to allow you experience touch sensation, a sex toy purchased from a Porn VR hub like Lovesense, VR bras for the ladies who want to feel their parts touched, and a lot more. A VR mannequin might also come in handy. This site has a list of some VR sex toys one can buy today.

The ethics and morals of VR sex

This year is the year that VR becomes a force in the Internet and gaming. Already HTC Vive, Facebook’s Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR, Microsoft Hololens and many others are available for purchase. Although these mainstream VR brands are currently priced way above $600 a piece, the Chinese are already producing extremely affordable VR alternatives. If you have a supported Samsung VR smartphone, you can also get the Samsung Gear VR for $99 only.

There are several fields that are undergoing rapid transformation in content delivery and these are tourism, sports, education, gaming and social media. VR will change how virtual Facebook friends communicate with each other with the ability for friends to not only exchange virtual texts, voices, images, videos but also physical touch. With VR body suits, Facebook friends worlds apart will be able to be in the same virtual room, touch arm to arm, watch the same movie, and conduct face to face discussions – discussions that may lead to intimate interactions like VR sex I just described above. Or VR rape.

What happens when you are raped virtually? Other than the pain, all other sensations one would experience from a real rape experience should be there. Do you sue the rapist? A rapist who might be hidden somewhere deep in the heart of of Hong Kong? But again, why would you stay in your VR gear during the entire rape experience? Is it because you totally and completely forgot that you are in a virtual world?

Rape might be easy to deal with as – in real life – it never happened. What about VR Sex with your girl’s best friend that both of you deeply enjoyed? Is that not cheating? If you were married and you caught your spouse having VR sex with your best friend, or a rich sponsor from Nigeria, do you file for divorce? Or do you reason that what she did is what she does all the time – that VR gear only enabled her to “experience” her/his fantasies and that’s just it? That there was no actual penetration despite her body telling her that there was?

Tell us, what do you think of VR sex and the ethics/moral issues surrounding the technology?


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