How to boost your smartphone performance

Currently, I am using Samsung Galaxy J1 and it’s terrible. The speed is very low, it doesn’t respond to commands and multitasking is a big issue. The other day the phone’s display was white for about three hours. I couldn’t type nor view anything on the screen but phone’s system was working. Three hours later, the phone came back to its senses, but five people were called simultaneously without my knowledge which was a disappointment. However, smartphone performance can be improved. Alcatel has released some tips that can make things a little easier for guys using budget smartphones.


The first tip is restarting your phone. Most people leave their phones on the whole day and night which can be overwhelming for the phone. Restarting the phone everyday in the morning can help improve performance.

Secondly, my Samsung Galaxy J1 has many applications and games that are expired. Apparently, even my Bible is out of date. Alcatel provides that each new version of the operating system features performance tweaks and bug fixes that can make a huge difference to the user experience. If you want to know if your phone needs an update go to settings – about device – software update.

Thirdly, clearing the clutter is very important. Most people prefer opening all social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other background apps. It’s provided that shutting down background apps will help free up processing power and memory for better performance. In addition, back up photos, music and other files to a memory card or a cloud service such as Dropbox. Then, delete them from your phone.

Another tip is clearing app cache. Mostly, web browser stores data in the cache so they don’t need to download them each time you access the app. The action can slow your phone. Every smartphone user needs to delete images and other cached data you don’t need by going to settings – storage – cached data.

It’s also important to reduce animations. IT News Africa provides that users can go to settings – about phone, and then scroll down to build number. Tap it seven times to get access to developer options, also in the settings menu. In this menu, a user can find categories like window animation scale, transition animation scale, and animator duration scale. Set each to .5x or switch it off.

Some apps can also stress the phone up. Ideally, there’s always an app on your phone that slows the performance. It’s advisable to download a Watchdog Task Manager app from the app store to find out about the system resources each app on your phone uses.

Finally, downloading a good antivirus will scan your phone for potential viruses and malware which can slow your phone. It’s advisable to download good antivirus to improve your smartphone performance.


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