Asus ZenBook UX305 aligned with Kenya’s celerity in PC innovation

Recently, the company officially launched ASUS ZenBook UX305  in Kenya, a device that falls under the Zensation range of products and is designed to compete with the new Macbook Pro. The ZenBook UX305 happens to be one of  many ASUS device reviews i have done before in my hands on series.

The ZenBook UX305 ultrabook is designed for the high-end market that is looking to address all round needs of consumers who constantly want better outcomes from the new innovations.


Before exploring the internal features, the sleek design of the ZenBook UX305 will catch your eyes. The ultrabook is just 12.3mm thick weighing only 1.2 kg. With a subtle wedge design and smooth diamond-cut edges that emphasize the sleek ultra-thin chassis, the ZenBook UX305 has an equally sleek finish in the inside that features a full size ergonomic keyboard and large responsive touch pad make engaging with the device an efficient and rewarding experience.

Screen and Keyboard

The ZenBook’s 13.3 inch Screen comes in full HD display with 1080p IPS panel that includes a matte that offers clear and colourful images at (3200×1800) display for an extremely sharp display. The keyboard lying on almost 11 inches has a good spacious layout and nice key action therefore helps much in getting up to full typing speed in good lighting conditions. on matters lighting, the lack of back lighting on the Keyboard is quite a compromise for the device that you would expect to take care of such nitty gritty.

The track pad is easy to use and sensitive enough to help you maneuver through. however, this could be a bit problematic compared to that one of the MacBook Air due to the engraved-metal surface texture that does not allow much of smooth gliding.

Storage and Performance

The ZenBook is powered by the Intel Core M-5Y10 (2C/4T, 0.8-2.0GHz, 4MB L3, 14nm, 4.5w) processor and comes with 8GB of memory (RAM) and 256 GB of storage (SSD). The ultrabook comes with quite a handful of applications most of this being its own. The most useful of this would be the Web Storage which offers loads of free cloud storage space for backing up all your files.

However much the driver has been said to be a bit low for the type of device, the spec has not affected my day to day works as a journalist. considering my work does not involve heavy works and activities, the device has given me an option to configure the processor, storage and Wi-Fi. another complain about the performance has been the pop-up antivirus that does not march a device like this.

The laptop does not have overheating issues or any weird sounds whatsoever. well, the needed sound which could be listening to music or watching videos is quite a let-down. however, that did not affect me in any way now that my headphones serve my day perfectly.

Battery life worth it?

The 45Wh battery has  11+ hours battery life. this is thus far the best device i have used in terms of battery life. The Ultra-book has gone up-to 13 hours on a good day with all my activities running. Other Features; The ZenBook has three USB ports which is away from the normal two USB ports. the device has a full-size SD card reader port, a microHDMI and a headphone jack on the right edge. The webcam is at 720p which is quite fair. ZenBook also has a USB Ethernet adapter  just in case of wired network connection.

On the down side

Well, on the downside of using my ZenBook UX305, the device has frozen on me which would be expected with too much downloading especially from unreliable sources. I only needed to reinstall the driver. just like any other devices, lack of enough sleep for the device will give you a hard time working the next time you turn it on. Also, take care of the on and off location which is next to delete. you do not need to worry much about that though since you can change the action to sleep just to be safe.

Why should you purchase it?

Considering the features, prize and all the niceties that come with the device, ZenBook305 has excellent portability that i forget i am carrying a giant laptop in terms of usability. i can easily walk through my day with the device in my handbag without fatigue or strain to fit it in my bag. this is also my little flosset each time I pop it from my bag. people around you won’t help asking about this winner.

This could easily pass for perfection in affordable ultra-portable laptops. At  KES119,000, the features will serve you right. the trackpad, performance and Keyboard lighting will need a little bit of upgrade to give the device maximum points.


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