The special pigiame platform for entrepreneurs

The special pigiame platform for entrepreneurs will help boost your business

Many people, youthful people, jobless youthful people; people who have tried for years to secure jobs only to grow tired and weary, have decided en masse to become entrepreneurs – online entrepreneurs. In your WhatsApp you will find them posting photos of shoes, clothes, and foods. Then they’ll update their WhatsApp Status, “Limited stock, hurry”. They’ll add you to WhatsApp groups – groups with experts on Chinese or Dubai or Uganda or Ex Europe Products. Groups where you’ll get first hand advice on how to start your own online business from those with practical and extremely rough experiences. People you can trust.

These many youthful entrepreneurial men and women have Facebook Pages and Groups. They however find it so hard to grow their Facebook likes and to add as many people as practically possible to their Facebook Groups. To them, online audience proves hard to come by. They learn that to make it big online, you needed to have been big elsewhere first. Ecommerce, as many have learned, doesn’t come cheap – doesn’t come easy.

But there are those like pigiame who have made it online and have purposed to help those seeking a piece of the online marketplace to also make a name for themselves. Pigiame has come up with a pigiame platform for entreprepreneurs that anyone can use to reach the entire pigiame audience, for free or a for a fee. If you are one of the many  entrepreneurs that sell any products or services via Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter, it is time you considered using this special pigiame platform for entrepreneurs, and this is why:

First of all, pigiame has built her own local audience. They have the online traffic that you and me can just but dream of – the type of traffic WhatsApp and Facebook will never give you. Yes it is true that today Facebook has over 1 billion daily active users, but you and me know that unless you are willing to spend a lot of money, the maximum you can reach via your friendship network is 50 people and that’s when you are one of the few with 5000 friends.  This is because Facebook has this algorithm that ensures your updates only reaches 1% of your friends. WhatsApp is even harder. Unless someone is actively stalking you on WhatsApp, no one will notice the pictures of your shoes and shirts and cakes that you try so hard to make your WhatsApp profile picture. But if you posted those shoes and shirts and cakes on your own ka page on pigiame, you will be assured that every single visitor who goes to pigiame to check the listings in a category that your merchandise have been posted in will see your listing – that day.

Secondly, let us do a little calculation, assuming you want to set up your business the traditional way:

  • ­ Advertising space on a newspaper or magazine would cost over shs 60,000 ­(one day’s circulation).
  • Designing a website would cost about shs 15,000 – and that’s on the very low end very basic website.
  • Employing a sales and marketing force would cost over shs 15,000 per salesperson per month.
  • That’s already shs 100,000
  • Before considering the countless other costs

What about the non-traditional way? That is going the pigiame platform for entrepreneurs way? Well the pigiame platform for entrepreneurs promises to provide you with benefits equal to reaching a wider audience than that provided by a one day’s circulation of newspaper, for at least one day, and of course less and less audience for the next days until your ad expires – or potentially forever if what you have set up in pigiame is your business page.

Third in the list are benefits you could get from paying to be in pigiame. Let’s assume you are a serious business man or woman who doesn’t give a dime about freebies. That  you prefer to pay for what you get. Pigiame platform for entrepreneurs got you covered. As already mentioned, for as little as shs 400 a month you can have your product featured on the top of the category for two weeks. Then for shs 6,000 for six months you get a badge, a damn cool badge that will tell pigiame visitors that you are a trustworthy person. Not only that but you will also get your products fly from right to left right in the pigiame homepage under the premium listing category,  have your business appear at the top of the categories and also be featured on pigiame social media platforms.

Lastly, who doesn’t care about quality, assurance, and trust. One important factor that has derailed widespread adoption of online classifieds in Kenya is the thorny issue of fraudsters. They are everywhere; in our SMSes, WhatsApp messages and Facebook inboxes. They send messages telling you  that the money you were supposed to send should be sent to “this other number”, or that she is lonely she needs some god fearing man to love her deeply, or that your Facebook profile picture looks interesting so you should send her an email to get to know her better. They send messages from Kamiti telling you that you have won in competition you never participated in or use these other social engineering tricks to con you. They are all over online classifieds selling non-existent products and services. They are all over online classifieds posing as buyers for that item you want to sell.

This thorny issue is what pigiame has tried to minimise the best way they can, and as I showed in the article Head to head comparison: OLX vs Pigiame, we learnt how pigiame goes all out to vet their ads both in terms of quality and genuineness. This is why they recently launched a verified seller badge, a badge that will tell you as a buyer that pigiame has done all necessary background checks on a seller to verify their authenticity.

As an entrepreneur I am sure you want to avoid platforms that do not give a damn about quality, assurance and trust. Platforms that allow all tom dick and harry to post unverified ads, and platforms whose users aren’t the quality of users you really want to do business with. This is why despite the fact that pigiame platform for entrepreneurs is good on its own right, the fact that quality assurance is taken as a top priority should give you a reason to be more than optimistic that your business is assured of good performance if awareness is done through the pigiame platform for entrepreneurs.


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