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Welcome to TECNO forum and TECNO HiOS, but first, an introduction. There is a very high chance you are reading this from a TECNO phone. If you are reading it from a Samsung, an HT C, an Infinix, a Microsoft, or even a Sony phone, don’t you worry, soon you will find a million and one reasons to switch over to TECNO and once you do that you will realize two things:

  1. That you will experience problems specific to TECNO phones (every phone has problems some specific to the brand and/or model).
  2. That you will have a strong desire to learn or attempt to resolve some of those issues by yourself.

I want to give you a specific example, although it involves an experience with an Infinix phone. Not many weeks after acquiring the Infinix Hot Note did I realize that I couldn’t connect the phone to the laptop, neither could it charge in its fast charging option known as Flash Charging. I Googled about the problem but there was no ready solution from an Infinix expert. What I got were loosely related problems from other Infinix users who had done trial and error to resolved their loosely related issues . Problem is, I didn’t get them from an Infinix certified site. They were issues posted randomly some in Samsung forums, others in Android forums whereas others were even in Windows and Microsoft forums. That means there was no way of getting a response from an Infinix certified technical assistant attached to an official Infinix forum.

That problem is what TECNO has moved to resolve by launching an online TECNO forum they call TECNO SPOT, which, according to a Press Statement sent to, is explained as “a community for TECNO fans to share their TECNO mobile experience and get the latest updates for their TECNO phones. It is a forum where tech lovers and TECNO users meet to discuss all topics related to the ever evolving technology.” For some reason, TECNO doesn’t want to limit the forum to tech problems or geek language as the statement clarifies that TECNO forum “will be an entertainment hub for all who join to be part of the TECNO family … [and] … also a fun place to be for exciting experience”. And that’s not all, if you choose to join and participate in the forum, which you should, TECNO will provide you with an opportunity of “winning amazing TECNO gifts”.

After reading the Press Release I ran to the TECNO forum (remember they call it TECNO SPOT) via the link and I can assure you some of the posts are very entertaining, especially from our Nigerian brothers and sisters.

That’s not all that’s new from TECNO. Most of you love the TECNO Boom J7 and you must be very elated to learn that a sequel of the phone, TECNO Boom J8, will be released soon. We will be testing the phone in the following two weeks to thereafter give you a comprehensive review, but what’s interesting right now is that the phone will come with a whole new User Interface that TECNO calls the TECNO HiOS. Why is that important?

Tecno forum

TECNO HiOS user Interface showing the upcoming icon arrangements in menu and home screens

You may not have realized but almost every OEM using the Open Source Android for some reason detest the User Interface that comes with stock android. If you have noticed that using a Samsung phone feels so different from using an HTC, an LG or even a Sony phone, that’s because how you interact with the OS and ultimately the phone is done via what they call the User Interface – the Interface through which you visualize the Operating System, the Menus and the Icons including the Home Screen and with which you navigate from section of the phone to another. Samsung uses what they call the TouchWiz which has been criticized by many as carrying hundreds of unwarranted bugs. HTC has HTC Sense whereas Infinix has XIU, and starting with TECNO Boom J8, the User Interface on TECNO phones will be HiOS.

I haven’t experienced the HiOS except from going through a promo document from TECNO that explains some of the new features users should except once they get the HiOS on their TECNO devices. Immediate changes users of TECNO will realize is that popular icons like those for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Camera, BBC etc have been repainted, HiOS will come with three patterns of icon layout that will include list layout, up and down layout and the popular grid layout (I personally would like to checkout how up and down layout works), and some 40+ new functions, 280+ new image effects, 5000+ shortcuts, and 8000+ bugs resolved. Above is an image that shows how the list, up and down and the grid layouts for icons will look like. I hope you enjoy both the TECNO forum (TECNO SPOT) and TECNO HiOS.


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