Samsung didn’t infringe Apple’s patents after all

A court of appeals has found Samsung Electronics not guilty of infringing three of Apple’s patents.

From the 2014 jury verdict, the court ordered Samsung to pay Apple $119.6 million, but Apple wanted $2.2 billion, claiming Samsung infringed on eight software patents including; sliding to unlock the phone, autocorrecting text and detecting when a series of numbers can be dialed to make a phone call. The three-judge panel ruled that the first two of the patents should not have been granted in the first place and said Samsung didn’t infringe on the third, according to reports.

The legal war involving two major tech companies in the world is goes down as one of the biggest suit there is. The patent war began in 2011 when Apple claimed that Samsung copied the iPhone. An Apple victory in the other case, involving the patented designs of the phone, was upheld on appeal and is awaiting possible consideration by the US Supreme Court.

“We have spent decades developing some of the most revolutionary products and services in the technology industry, and today’s decision proves that we did not infringe on any of Apple’s patents,” Samsung said in a statement. “Today’s decision is a win for consumer choice and puts competition back where it belongs — in the marketplace, not in the courtroom.”

Early last month, Apple was not impressed by Samsung’s Supreme Court plea. The iPhone maker said,”the case doesn’t present a question that’s important enough to require resolution by the nation’s highest court.

Samsung had its day in court — many days, in fact — and the properly instructed jury was well justified in finding that Samsung copied Apple’s designs and should pay the damages that the statute expressly authorizes.”

The court case might be viewed as a strategy to kill Samsung’s name which surfaced in 2011 when they started producing high end smartphones. Ideally, the tech industry presents close to zero creativity when it comes to uniqueness. Most tech companies copy paste features; Samsung, Infinix, Tecno and other android phones can only be differentiated by their names and price.

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