Roll-out of 5G toy race cars and drones a milestone for tech industry

A standard 5G will be finished in 2018 and the real networks will be arriving in 2020. During the Mobile World Congress, tech companies hinted on the possibility of 5G-powered drones, 5G toy race cars and other artsy stuff.

5G internet will literally enable users to download movies in seconds and networks will have the ability to beam augmented-reality graphics onto a car’s windshield, which is a milestone in the tech industry.

Kenya is not off when it comes to internet usage and evolution of the same. Safaricom enabled 4G network in some areas of Nairobi and the response has been positive thus far albeit its limited coverage.

Baby steps

however, the development will take close to three years for companies to come up with proper 5G wireless.

An analyst provided that people need to learn from experience. “Videoconferencing in 2003 was the killer app for 3G,” said Forrester analyst Thomas Husson, referring to third-generation network technology that’s now old-school. “We’re starting to see video all over the place, but its 12 years later.”

Matt Grob, chief technology officer of mobile-chip maker Qualcomm said that releasing 5G before it’s fully finished could undermine the technology’s usefulness and increase how much you’ll have to pay to get it.

That’s because all makers of chips, network equipment and phones will have to create technology for different, incompatible versions. Lots of small markets means products are more expensive — and that expense could be passed on to your monthly phone bill.

“A couple operators are taking the role of catalyst, and we support that,” Grob said. “But on the flip side, more 5G versions means more cost.”

Another demerit, your phone might not work up to 5G’s potential if you switch to a new carrier or roam on other networks when traveling.

5G will probably not be used on mobile phones upon its arrival. Tech companies like AT&T are planning to use 5G technology to connect homes with high-speed wireless broadband links. Verizon on the other end plans to bring 5G to market in 2017.

Nokia will also launch prestandard 5G products in 2017 for home broadband trials, but the full commercial launch is set for 2020, two years after the standard is final, said Volker Held, head of innovation marketing at network-equipment maker Nokia.

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