Uber introduced a motorcycle hailing service – UberMoto

Uber is adding motorcycles on its fleet. The hailing company announced a new type of service dubbed UberMoto which will allow passengers to grab rides on motorcycles with an Uber driver at the handlebars. The service has debuted as a pilot program in Bangkok, a city overflowing with traffic generated by automobiles.

Uber is now in more than 340 cities and 60 countries across the world. The startup is 6 years old but the achievement it has made is tremendous which other small companies must emulate to come up with distractive tech.
However, the journey is never easy. Uber is now facing massive challenges from other taxi drivers and law enforcers in most countries. This has made the company come up with flexible policies that can be adapted in any country in case of a backlash.

In Kenya, taxi drivers are now using extreme power to kill the hailing service. Recently, an Uber car was burnt to ashes by an angry driver. The video caught many people’s attention and Uber is now forced to channel their roots in Kenya by employing Kenyan managers who are familiar with what people what.

Uber says the idea behind UberMoto is to save passengers time and money, especially if they just need a short ride that doesn’t require a full-sized car. The new service carries with it all of Uber’s standard safety features, according to the company, including GPS tracking, two-way feedback from both driver and passenger and the ability for the passenger to share details of the trip with other people. UberMoto drivers also go through a police background check.
Uber is developing the UberMoto for upcoming markets across the world and Bangkok came first on the list because of its traffic problems.

The traditional process of hailing for an Uber car is similar to that of the motorcycle. Passengers will have to select the UberMoto option via the Uber mobile app and then enter the pickup location and method of payment. The driver’s details will be viewed on the screen, so the passenger can identify the person. The passenger is given a helmet to wear to conform to Bangkok safety regulations.

The service will spread to other countries depending on the level of demand that will be experienced.

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