Facebook launches a new website to help non-profit organizations manage their pages

Facebook has announced a new website that will avail resources for nonprofit organizations and NGOs on their pages.
The website breaks down the hustle most institutions face when setting up a page. It gives users a step by step instruction from setting up an interactive page to building a support network of likes.

In addition, Facebook covers extensive guidelines on how an institution can use the platform’s fundraising tools.
Essentially, the platform will give nonprofit organizations a voice and good social media presence. Most NGOs always find it hard to connect with a particular community since creating an interactive social media presence might be hard.
Facebook provides that posting on a page creates an opportunity for new people to discover an organization and can serve as a hub for connecting a community.

In Kenya, online digital marketers and self proclaimed influencers are expensive when it comes to social media campaigns and paid articles.

Now, where will a nonprofit organization get the money to pay social media managers?
Nonprofit organizations don’t have catchy ideas or opinions posted on their Facebook pages and that’s why people prefer following news articles or photos on a media site. Facebook’s new toolkit will make things easier for NGOs.

“We want to help nonprofits use Facebook more effectively to achieve these goals.
We are constantly blown away by the ways people and organizations use Facebook; not just to connect, but to make an impact in their communities and around the world,” Joanne Sprague, marketing manager of social good at Facebook, wrote.

“This is especially true of nonprofits, who inspire us every day by raising awareness about their causes, activating supporters and raising the funds they need to support their organizations. We want to help nonprofits use Facebook more effectively to achieve these goals,” she said.

The nonprofit toolkit will be tailored to create a huge coverage especially in charitable activities conducted by NGOs and other institutions. The toolkit will be used by all institutions regardless of their size, focus or location.

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