Cybercriminals can access your bank account by using Netflix

Cybercriminals are now taking advantage of the hugely used streaming service; Netflix, to access private and useful information from users. Cybersecurity experts Symantec found two major methods the criminals are using to take advantage of Netflix’s popularity and expansion.

The first method is using a malware campaign that focuses on stealing banking information from the device it has affected while another includes redirecting users to a fake site where they are prompted to key in their personal details.

Lionel Payet described how the malware campaign involves malicious files posing as Netflix software on compromised computers’ desktops.

He wrote, “The Netflix-disguised files aren’t dropped through drive-by downloads. Instead, the files are most likely downloaded by users who may have been tricked by fake advertisements or offers of free or cheaper access to Netflix.”

The other method includes targeting users by attempting to steal their login credentials. The phishing email tries to trick users into believing that their Netflix account needed to be updated, as there was an issue with their monthly payment. The details obtained through these methods are added to a growing black market that claims to provide cheaper access to the service, added the blog.

Netflix is currently one of the best streaming service in the world and it’s available across the globe. Netflix was introduced in Africa creating mixed reactions between film makers and regulatory bodies. In Kenya, leaders came out to fight the streaming service with the believe that the upright moral reason will be distorted.

Ordinarily, tech innovations that disrupt are always faced with a mountain of challenges. A good example is Uber; the hailing service is opposed in every corner of the world but the company is ready to provide better and convenient services to its clients.

The new security challenge facing Netflix will affect the company in the future if cybercriminals identify the loophole and decide to take advantage of it.

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