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  • Posted: February 15, 2016 at 12:14 pm

Snoop Dogg wants the negative attitude towards weed to go up in smoke.

The established pop artist and weed entrepreneur with his business partner; Ted Chung developed an online platform dubbed Merry Jane.

Now, Merry Jane covers everything that’s relevant to the world of cannabis. The team established a way of popularizing the startup by attracting the young. Chung, who manages Snoop, also recruited celebrities to boost Merry Jane’s cred.

Miley Cyrus and Seth Rogen, have both partnered with the site. Well, Miley and Seth are pot ‘fanatics’ and they don’t hide the fact that weed might be helpful. The site provides, “Merry Jane is the definitive cannabis resource on culture, news, videos, food and style dedicated to expressing a new cannabis mentality.

Through exclusive content and relatable perspectives, Merry Jane highlights the best of cannabis lifestyle while also offering vital, interactive tools to explore the new frontier of products, dispensaries and community.”

The site was launched late last year and it got more than 400 million page views and people visit the site to get weed related news. Recently, Snoop used Merry Jane to kick off his new line of cannabis products, called Leafs By Snoop. Leafs has something for everyone. In addition to eight strains of cured marijuana, the Leafs line includes cannabis-infused chocolate, gummies and fruit chews.

Snoop and Chung are working hard to make sure that weed appeal is boosted and covered by major stakeholders to uplift its consumption. “Cannabis culture for all,” says Chung. “That’s our whole mantra.”

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Policy makers still render it illegal and associate weed with other hard drugs like cocaine and heroin. However, states like California, Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Colorado and the District of Columbia have approved pot for medicinal use.

According to GreenWave Advisors, weed sales will rise to $35 billion by 2020. Soon, the drug will go mainstream and even supermarkets will sell cannabis flavored food stuff. Most leaders confessed to have used the drug. Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton have admitted smoking the stuff. Currently, we have a number of anonymous sites and apps that retail weed across the world.

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