Death Night just happened in real life

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  • Posted: February 15, 2016 at 1:25 pm

Death Night is the title of a drama 81 minutes movie C-LinQ Productions finalized producing in slightly under a week and is currently on sales in DVDs. The movie Executively Produced by Omondi Ating’a and Written and Directed by me is a story of a teenage naive Bilha who was left alone in the house by her parents as the parents went to visit Bilha’s ailing grandmother from her mother’s side.

Scared, Bilha decided to invite her best but spoilt friend Carol for a sleepover, but Carol under conditions given by her boyfriend Philo had to show up with her boyfriend and Kissinger, Philo’s friend. The four ended up indulging in alcohol and drugs and dance.

When Bilha woke up the following morning, she found Carol and Philo had left but Kissinger was still in bed with her. When she later tried to wake him up, she realized that he had died. The parents later arrived to a series of surprises that led them to disposing the body in a local forest, with Bilha’s father deciding to kill Carol in order to get rid of witnesses.

When I was working on the movie I only wanted to put up a simple story easy to produce but at the same time keep the audience entertained. I had no intentions of passing across any morality lessons to anyone, but according to a report I have read in some social media accounts, Death Night just happened in real life. This is the real life version of Death Night the movie that happened last night:

“A Valentine’s Day Eve secret escapade turned tragic when an ICT manager indulged in a drinking binge that led to his death and the arrest of a female friend. Nathaniel Lausi, a communications officer at Huawei, died after consuming alcohol and smoking bhang with a friend on Nairobi’s Donholm estate, Buru Buru police were told yesterday. Lausi was with his secret lover in the caretaker’s flat on the top floor of the apartment block where he lived. The 35-year-old was confirmed dead at the Mama Lucy Hospital in Kayole, where he was rushed for treatment after he collapsed on Saturday night”.

By the way you can contact me via WhatsApp (0723151116) to have a copy of the Death Night movie as a way to promote our talented actors. I bet you won’t see any cosmetic acting typical in majority of Kenyan produced movies and TV shows. Watch the trailer below.

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