Facebook moves to recognize Fake Facebook Accounts

According to data released by Facebook in 2014, up to 12 percent of Facebook accounts are fake. With over 1.5 billion accounts currently active on Facebook, the number of Fake Facebook Accounts today should stand well over 180 million. This data is not far from exaggeration given that someone like me operates slightly over 5 different fake Facebook accounts (but not for anything mischievous).

At the time Facebook was launched, it was possible for an individual owning multiple Facebook accounts to operate all accounts simultaneously in one browser. The same thing was true with many other social media and email accounts including Yahoo and Google. But somewhere in 2008 onwards the guys decided that those with multiple accounts including Fake Facebook Accounts deserved punishment so the only way for multiple accounts owners to access their fake accounts would be after logging off. This is true to date. Google however allowed multiple Gmail accounts owners to access emails in the other accounts simultaneously but through the Gmail App. There was a time one could log in to a second a third account in a browser but I haven’t seen that option for a while now. I am not sure if it still exists.

The step that was taken by Google to allow those with fake Gmail accounts to access their “mipango za kando” Gmail emails is now coming to Facebook. According to an article by GSMArena, Facebook is testing multiple account management and SMS integration on Android that will give Facebook Messenger users the ability to add more than one account to Facebook Messenger on a single device.

Currently, for you to read messages in your other Facebook Account, you will need to foremost log off from the active account before you can log in and access the Fake Facebook Account. This move isn’t strange as according to a report by Forbes, “it’s now possible to switch between multiple accounts from within the Instagram mobile app without signing out”. Remember Instagram is one of the many Facebook Products, thus it is very obvious that Facebook has not only accepted the reality of Fake Facebook Accounts, but has gone a step further to allow those like us with numerous Fake Accounts the ease with which we can operate them.

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