You can now catch live Alazeera broadcast on your mobile phone

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Al Jazeera Media has launched an audio web app in attempts to reach more audience across Africa, Middle East and South Asia regions considered to be low bandwidth.

The primary markets limited to video access will still receive broadcasts from the media network through their Arabic and English channels. The move is also directed towards developing compelling digital experiences for the regions.

Listeners will be in a position to tune in to a programme airing at the time as well as browse through a list of series and documentaries. This will also enable audience from across the region to give feedback and preferences when it comes to content. The application will help audiences catch up with content in a case they miss live broadcast.

“We are very excited to be bringing our content on an audio platform, so we can reach new audiences where low Internet speeds limit access to video. The Al Jazeera brand continues to expand into the digital sphere.” Says Samir Ibrahim, director of Distribution and Sales.

Al Jazeera has over 60 bureaus in 130 countries and is available in over 270 million homes globally.  The network made history when it started more than fifteen years ago as the first independent news channel in the Arab world, and has now expanded to include several channel including Al Jazeera English.

“At Al Jazeera, we continue to explore new and innovative ways to enhance our content consumption through a variety of ways. This announcement is another opportunity to strengthen our digital footprint and continue in our commitment to bringing access to Al Jazeera content across new platforms.” Continued Mr Ibrahim

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The strategy is an approach in line with the region’s trend of radio in which people are consuming media on mobile devices more than any other platform. Also, the rapid growth of smartphone penetration and application technology has inspired the move.




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