Epson effective projector and printer integration

Epson introduced an integrated solution that allows people to work with ease. The EB-1420Wi and EB-1430Wi projectors are set to change the way people work especially in the creative field or in circumstances where one finds it hard to present ideas to colleagues.

Mukesh Bector, Regional Sales Manager Epson East Africa, explains how combining projector technology with printer capabilities can help regional and global businesses collaborate, saving time and money. Designing a building – whether it’s a home or a commercial property – is an ongoing collaborative process between the client an architects, quantity surveyors, engineers and multiple other stakeholders, with many professionals located in different parts of town, possibly even in different parts of the country or the world.

Bringing professional teams together to have real-time conversations about evolutions in a project’s design can be time-consuming, expensive and often frustrating, with multiple hard copies of the design being carried between meeting sites. While it would be ideal to be able to email drawings between parties, the sheer size of design documents, combined with challenging bandwidth connectivity in East Africa, makes it more trouble than it’s worth to send large files electronically.


Epson has a range of projectors and printers that, if set up in an integrated system, take all the hassle, travel and frustration out of professional team meetings. The Epson EB-1420Wi and EB-1430Wi ultra-short-throw projectors, turns any blank wall or desk into an interactive drawing board. With project drawings projected onto any flat surface, role-players are able to interact with the drawing as if it was on a touch screen, drawing over the plans, adding comments and discussing with anyone else in the meeting.

In addition, the Epson EB-1420Wi and EB-1430Wi projectors are a WiFi device, which means that the scenario playing out can be seen by anyone else on the other end of a broadband connection who has a similar Epson projector installed. They too will see the plans projected onto a wall, and all parties involved can share their written thoughts and comments onto the drawings.

Thirdly, users can print the drawings out. Installing an Epson SureColor T-Series large format printer on the same LAN as the Epson ultra-short-throw projector on site means that all parties involved can produce the collateral that they need in real time, making updated plans available immediately after their project meeting.

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