Ericsson’s Integrated Video Insights to uphold business intelligence for media players

Ericsson is launching a powerful data analysis toolkit that helps media players aggregate and analyze large amounts of data derived from users, video platforms, and networks. The toolkit dubbed Integrated Video Insights will enable media players such as content owners, broadcasters, and TV service providers deliver accurate business intelligence. The new innovation will enable media players to understand what their users want, what they value most, and what they don’t need or appreciate.

According Ericsson’s report, video accounts for around 50 percent of mobile data traffic and it is expected to account for almost 70 percent of mobile data traffic by 2021. In other words, consumers are now redefining expectations of what the future TV experience should look like. On IP networks, the share of video rises to two-thirds. OTT, on-demand, cloud DVR – consumers are interacting with video in more ways than ever before. But media players, including content owners, broadcasters and TV service providers, aren’t fully capitalizing on the massive volume of behavior and performance data that could offer an edge in what has become the most competitive market to date.


The system offers advanced customer experience management capabilities, including the delivery of actionable insights that drive new revenue growth and improve customer experiences.

Media players using the Integrated Video Insights will be able to improve content commercialization strategy, identify the investments required to increase average revenue per user, and ensure their content is consumed under optimal conditions.

Jean-Philippe Poirault, Head of Consulting and Systems Integration, Ericsson, says: “As media consumption changes and new players enter the market, it is becoming increasingly critical for media players to have a complete 360-degree overview of their business. They need to understand and improve everything from the quality of their service to their customers’ content preferences and quality of experience. With Integrated Video Insights, they can anticipate future operational needs, respond quickly to real-time issues, implement advanced, proactive customer care flows, and ultimately make better business decisions.”


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