Safaricom expands its retail market in Narok

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  • 6 years ago
  • Posted: January 21, 2016 at 12:17 pm

Safaricom has opened a retail experience centre in Narok, a move geared towards closing the gap between consumers and the brand through building an increasing number of touch points in the country.

Speaking during the unveiling of the new shop, Safaricom’s CEO Bob Collymore reiterated the company’s pledge to create and deliver products and services that are relevant to consumer needs, and creating avenues through which consumers could easily interact with the brand.

“The opening of this retail shop is a sign of our commitment to showing our customers that we care; that we want to ensure that they are always connected, always in control, that they are rewarded for their loyalty and they have easy access to us,” said Mr. Collymore.

The new establishment in the county is in line with the company’s resolve to devolve its operations to dedicate resources directly within the counties, where teams have been tasked with focusing on enhanced service delivery and customer engagement.

The direction by the company aims to bring services closer to consumers so ass to ensure that investment in technology, products and services are made with needs of different regions taken into account.

From the increased touch points, the company will be able to generate huge amount of revenue that will eventually have an impact in the country’s economy. Two months ago, a report found Safaricom generated a total of Kshs 315 Billion in revenue to Kenya’s GDP during financial year 2014/15, which accounted for a total of about 6% of GDP in total.

“The True Value report aims to discover an organization’s value to both the economy and society beyond traditional financial reporting. It allows companies to identify how business leaders can better understand the impact their organizations have on an economy,” said Neil Morris, Director, KPMG.

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Narok county is one of the marginalized county in Kenya and the fact that Safaricom is trying to reach out in the county, many communities will benefit from Safaricom’s services when it comes to feedback and quality services. As result, Safaricom will benefit from the new market base.

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