The new 6th generation Intel processor to counter hacker tendencies for both big and small businesses

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Intel Corporation has released 6th generation Intel Core Pro Processor to address security and productivity demands of large businesses.
The computing innovator seeks to set a new standard for business computing with new innovations in authentication security, enhanced performance and collaboration for 2 in 1s, Ultrabooks, All-in-Ones and the latest desktops.
One of the features incorporated in the new technology processor has been designed to counter new hacking techniques. The Intel authenticate is geared towards helping businesses lock the PC’s virtual front door mostly targeted by hackers with more than password protection.
Today, more than half of data breaches start with misused or stolen user credentials. Older PCs that use eight-character passwords that change every 90 days worked well a decade ago, but increasingly sophisticated attack methods require a deeper level of security.
Intel Authenticate verifies identities by using a combination of up to three hardened factors at the same time: “something you know,” such as a personal identification number; “something you have,” including a mobile phone; and “something you are,” like a fingerprint.
The security technology allows companies to choose from multiple hardened factors of authentication based on company policies without necessarily relying on employees remembering complicated passwords.
Upgrading business PCs adds productivity, hence reducing overall cost. Study has proven that older laptops can cost businesses $4,203 per year, for every three PCs, in maintenance and lost productivity. In line with this, the company has partnered with top device manufacturers; HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Panasonic, Dell, Asus among others to distribute upgraded Intel processors.
To veer away from struggles in search of compatible adapters and dongle in order to conduct smart meetings, Intel has released updates to Intel Unite that include extended display capabilities.
Both onsite and remote attendees can more easily and securely view and interact with content in real time. Employees can instantly start meetings using new or existing displays or projectors. Auto-disconnect and integration of Skype for Business offer customers a seamless meeting experience.
Helping Small and Medium Businesses Grow
SMEs will reap from the new Intel Small Business Advantage an easy to use solution to help small business owners protect and grow their company. It provides small business owners with an easy and centralized way to connect and share information coupled with automatic security and maintenance updates.

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