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  • Posted: January 15, 2016 at 2:18 pm

I know many people are questioning MCSK ‘s transparency and existence following Elani’s YouTube video. It takes hard work for a single song to hit the waves and artists have a right to question the organization. Ideally, people want MCSK to be transparent i.e explain how much they collect, show artists the whole monitoring process and the amount of money they spend on salary. For example: an online platform should be developed and all information on membership, licensing and monitored works uploaded on site. An artist should also be able to know the amount of money he or she is getting directly from the site.

Is MSCK a fraud? The answer may vary depending on the side you may choose. A good number of artists benefit from the society and other registered artists have hope that their music will one day be on the map. Recently, the society secured Safaricom Skiza Tune Deal which has over 3 million Skiza users out of Safaricom’s close to 20 million subscribers and artists got paid. On fraud, MCSK officials were in court late last year on allegations of theft and fraud. However, the society claim they have evidence to kill the case and maintain the highly respected society.

People took their wrath on Twitter after establishing a striking fact on the society’s fraudulent activities and 93% of Kenyans want MCSK disbanded. The allegations are somehow extreme because you can’t just kill the collective management organization which is set to develop the industry.

The non-profit making Collecting Management Organization is supposed to upload financial statements on their website or any other platform so that people can have a clear picture of what goes around in the organization. Contrary to that, MCSK posted an annual report for 2011 and 2012 which leaves a question – where is the report for 2013, 2014 and 2015? Well, probably someone forgot to upload or it was shared in hard copy.

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I think the organization’s management should come up with a solution to implement the whole society. They can copy paste what iTunes does since the management application is a success and international artists are coming up to support iTunes. Alternatively, they can adopt what Mymsanii does but only make it better to support the monitoring process. Juliani started Mymsanii with the aim of helping and adding value to talent. Besides that, the digital platform is easy and reliable to find. The platform organizes and opens up other opportunities in talent development and growth.

MCSK should be 100% online to uphold transparency and benefit everybody in the industry. The Communications Authority of Kenya is coming up strong to support local content. The authority published a directive requiring broadcasters to enforce a mandatory 40 per cent local content quota by mid 2016. Every artist in Kenya should benefit from that directive.


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