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Every institution should have a DataBank package for security purposes. This is why. A friend of mine happens to be a photographer. The guy has many external hard disks and each disk has a different function in the office i.e one disk stores raw photos, another one edited photos and other disks have sorted photos. Sorted photos can be sent or mounted. Besides that, he backups his scanned documents in an online solution which he doesn’t even know the name. So, the guy’s computer has virus syndrome, every week he has to clean his systems to avoid losing the the photos and other documents. However, that has been unsuccessful because the sorted photos always get eaten by either a virus or deleted by one of his employees.

Then there is the story of my colleague Odipo that you already know. He had lost important photos and videos of his son that were stored in his hard disk when he threw his laptop on the floor – well, accidentally. He was forced to buy another laptop because the hard disk mysteriously disappeared in the workshop where he had taken it for repairs.

The two cases above speak for the need of backing up data, and not in several hard disks, but somewhere else, somewhere like in a cloud. This is backed by a research by CERN that states that one in nine SATA disks are highly likely to experience data corruption that take place during the transfer of data from source drive to destination media, thus when thinking of cloud storage, one should also think of whether his/her documents are still safe both during transfer to the cloud, during cloud storage period, and during retrieval back to a local hard disk.

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I know many people would probably prefer Dropbox when they think of cloud storage. However, most online services have limitations especially if used by people who generate massive data in a day. Thanks to DataBank, one can securely store documents and conveniently retrieve them no matter the file size – and whether or not one has a fast broadband connection.

DataBank, a Kenyan cloud storage facility, offers the most secured backup solution in the region. The storage system regularly checks the integrity of backed up data therefore providing high restoration of your data files.

“What influenced us into subscribing for DataBank was the ability to restore to dissimilar hardware, it is an easy and fast restore procedure that has user friendly software. Our experience with the solution has been good with no disappointments. DataBank is a simple yet effective backup solution that has been proven to work automatically with minimal management.” Head of ICT in Hillcrest International Schools said.

How it works

One needs to sign up, set up and back up the important information. DataBank uses set-it-and-forget approach to backup. After signing up, you select the data you would like to backup then everything else runs automatically in the background at flexible, predefined schedules.

DataBank has prioritized security since Backup data is always encrypted with 256 Bit AES encryption using your secret keys before upload and stored in the same format.

So if you want to backup your stuff online, check out these packages here.


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