Best Male Contraceptive? Men will soon switch their sperms on/off for birth control

In almost all parts of the globe the burden of birth control has been on women. As technology progresses and women rights movement go mainstream, this burden has slowly shifted from women to men causing proliferation of contraceptives ranging from condoms to pills to vasectomy. Vasectomy might be the best male contraceptive in the list but the problem with it is that it is permanent, and for men who like me haven’t made final decisions on whether or not the one or two kids they already have are sufficient for their legacy, choosing vasectomy hasn’t been easy.

This is why scientists have been hard at work to come up with the best male contraceptive that will eliminate the problems associated with condoms (reduced sexual pleasure?), pills, and also do away with the decision hurdle created by vasectomy.  One such scientists is a German inventor Clemens Bimek who has come up with a device called Bimek SLV, a sperm switch that will allow men to determine whether they want sperms to be ejaculated out of or remain in their testaticles. The Bimek SLV is a spermatic duct valve that is closed or opened with a switch similar to the ones we have in spotlights (torch).

According to a video seeking for partnership needed to take the Bimek SLV mainstream (watch below), it is explained that the Bimek SLV is attached to the spermatic duct where it will act as a sperm valve preventing sperms to be ejaculated when closed or allow free passage when opened. The beauty of Bimek SLV is that to close the switch, one will only need to touch the valve  by pressing the switch externally. To open the valve, both a safety knob found at the opposite end of the switch and the switch will need to be pressed in order for the switch to open up the valve.

The Bimek SLV has received positive feedback from a number of readers around the web, but a few questions have been raised too. One such question is, now that the switch can be turned on/off externally, what will prevent a calculative female from opening up the valve in order to trap unsuspecting male with pregnancy? What if the valves are turned on accidentally? Although the accidental opening of the valves might be difficult given the safety knob , it is still not an impossibility.

Bimek SLV is not yet available in the market as it still needs to undergo clinical trials. For the clinical trials to happen, your input as a volunteer or investor is needed. If you think this should be the future of male contraception, then you may sign up either as volunteer for clinical trials or you may also see the business opportunity in the technology and invest with Clemens Bimek.



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