Zetech University to connect its students with potential employers

Connections is the trending word used by job seekers. Why? It’s not easy to get a job in the country because of a number of reasons. One of the reasons is corruption. Every government office or ministry has a corrupt official which makes it hard for students to get internship or jobs after school. However, Zetech University is set to shift the trend and connect its students with potential employers.

The move is made possible through a partnership the school entered with LIVELUVO. Moses Maina, the Executive Director of Communication, Corporate and Student Affairs at Zetech University said that the Application is in line with the University’s trend setting culture of early adoption of opportunities and bold partnerships to develop holistic students who can stand on their own.

“This is a great opportunity for the varsity and for the students to realize their potential; we are proud to be an incubation hub for LIVELUVO from a user perspective and lay claim to the early adopter tag when the App is a worldwide phenomenon.” Moses Maina said.

LIVELUVO is a community network that connects its members to local products and services. The network aims to help people realise their potential by connecting them with like-minded people, in real time. The community creates a favorable environment where members can come up with different ideas which can eventually be converted to lucrative venture.

In a school environment, LIVELUVO provides a platform for students to explore their entrepreneurial skills, offer products, services or knowledge and connect with teachers, new customers and potential employers. The Android Application uplifts the slogan – CONNECT. LEARN. EARN. LIVELUVO’s mission is to accelerate its members self development by providing the tools to find new opportunities.

Ryan Doyle, Head of Community Development at LIVELUVO said that the App is the perfect platform for passionate young people who want to get ahead. “We are excited to work with Zetech University and get over 5000 students joining our community; it’s so important that the people who shape our future, incorporate an entrepreneurial mindset and community spirit as they undertake their studies.”

LIVELUVO is open to everyone looking to CONNECT. LEARN. EARN. Very secure, it is a “Digital Village” where one can buy or exchange products and services; seek and share advice (personal or business); connect with like-minded individuals and grow.

If you would like to connect with amazing thinkers in LIVELUVO, open this link here.


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