Nakumatt to reward its loyal customers with school fees

Nakumatt has decided to release the big guns by rewarding their loyal customers who wish to redeem their accumulated Smart Points at an attractive rate of Kshs 2 per point. The points will be a relief to parents since school fees will be crossed in this year’s school budget. Nakumatt is set to sign more than 4,000 cheques, valued at more than Kshs 200million.

To spice things up, Nakumatt will also provide a 10% added bonus for each redemption pushing the total redemption value to Kshs 2.20 per point. The move is to support education development in the country which is a plus in developing the country’s economic growth. Technically, performing students in K.C.S.E and other national exams don’t always get a chance to broaden their education because of financial challenges. However, new initiatives like KCB’s Foundation projects that support students will put Kenya in the map.

Nakumatt Holdings, Regional Director, Operations and Strategy, Mr. Thiagarajan Ramamurthy, said the redemption programme allows shoppers to redeem their accumulated Smart points for School fees cheques drawn in favor of their School of choice.

Nakumatt’s initiative gained popularity after it successfully gave out more than KSh160 million last year. The retailer uplifts a moral societal value of sharing which should be taken up by all companies.

“In the true African spirit of sharing, we continue to note that most shoppers, including those who may not necessarily have School going children, redeem their points for the benefit of their family and friends, domestic workers including drivers, house helps, gardeners,” he said, reiterating that, “all Nakumatt Smart Card holders, are encouraged to routinely redeem their accumulated points at every start of a School term as part of their value added benefits for shopping at Nakumatt.”

More than 1.3million Smart Card holders enjoy numerous benefits, which include discounts, earning extra points on purchase of specific products and higher redemption value for products during offer periods. Following the 2013 launch of the new generation Nakumatt Global Prepaid MasterCard loyalty card, in partnership with Kenya Commercial Bank and Diamond Trust Bank, the retailer has been actively replacing its old generation smart cards with a new EMV compliant loyalty card.

The new generation multi-currency Nakumatt Global Prepaid MasterCard loyalty card provides a range of enhanced benefits and security features. Nakumatt Global Prepaid MasterCard cardholders also earn smart points for purchases made with the card at any of the over 35.9 million acceptance points, including 2.1 million ATMs, where MasterCard is accepted worldwide.


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