Donald Trump would shut off the internet

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  • Posted: December 17, 2015 at 2:30 pm

Donald Trump would shut off the internet. Two months ago, the controversial candidate threatened to lock out Africa from the internet because Africans disgust him. This week, the guy believes terrorists are taking advantage of the internet hence Syria and Iraq should be blocked from the Web.

The candidate has a twisted mind when it comes to opinions and public relation. Speaking at the final debate of the year, Donald Trump provides that, if terrorists are using the Internet, then take the Internet away. His weird opinion could lead to a massive technological nightmare if it goes through.

At the debate, candidates gave out different suggestions in regards to the negative impact of technology. However, Trump had an ambitious suggestion that left many people in a dilemma since shutting down the internet is something that can not be implemented. Many logistical procedures must be followed and it will affect the world’s economy.

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Cutting people out would be hectic for US government since it will have to destroy all satellites in the sky and buildings that have internet connection. In addition, many internet providers have agencies, if the internet is destroyed to ground zero, people will lose their jobs.


Donald Trump would shut off the internet

Cnet reports, “preventing entire population from getting access to basic information would be a human-rights catastrophe, particularly for areas of the world that are already war-torn,” said Thomas Ristenpart, a computer science professor at Cornell Tech.

The power of the internet can not be controlled by a single person or put to an end. Wold’s recognized leaders like President Obama consider social media as a powerful tool that can bring change to the world at large. A week ago, President Obama said, “I will urge high-tech and law enforcement leaders to make it harder for terrorists to use technology to escape from justice.”

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As terrorists play hide and seek, the US administration is working closely with social media giants to pull down fake accounts. Ideally, Trump should come up with a suggestion that will help win the war against terrorists – not ideas that will cause massive economic suicide. Technically, the guy has a good idea which can work well as a dream but never see the light. This digital age can not function without the internet. Everybody uses the internet in one way or another for livelihood and fun.

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