Samsung Gear S2 to strengthen wearable tech in Kenya

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  • 6 years ago
  • Posted: December 3, 2015 at 3:55 pm

The first person I saw with a wearable technology was Larry Madowo, anyway, I am not sure if it was smart. To bring the tech closer to everybody, Samsung has strengthened its presence by introducing Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch in Kenya.

Gear S2 smartwatch has a classic impression that allows users to enjoy a modern and sophisticated look. To make things techie and easier, the smartwatch is designed to create a new way of interacting with mobile content and navigate through its features very quickly. It comes in two versions-the sport for the active individual and the classic for those who prefer the timeless look.

“The Samsung Gear S2 is a smart accessory device that promises to become a meaningful part of our customers’ lives. The device is symbolic of Samsung’s philosophy to push forward, embrace and explore new frontiers of technology,” said Simon Kariithi, Internet and Mobile Business Leader, Samsung Electronics East Africa.

The watch is built with a ring that allows users to view content on the screen without any physical obstruction as opposed to other smart watches that are screen activated and are inevitably blocked by fingers. Users can also conveniently monitor their notifications and messages.

“For us, the circle was at the center of the Samsung Gear S2’s simple and practical design. Users can use the bezel to scroll through messages, navigate through apps, check out reviews of nearby restaurants, catch the latest football scores and zoom in and out of maps,” added Mr. Kariithi.

Samsung Gear S2 is also the perfect tool for assisting its customers live a healthier lifestyle. Fitness enthusiasts can automatically record their heart rates and other physical activity levels. This collective data is automatically recorded into a 24 hour activity log.

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“The device automatically detects and records even the slightest physical activity with minimal fuss. The data is collected to motivate and encourage you to exercise more and maintain a healthy lifestyle,” said Mr. Kariithi.

When it comes to gadgets, most Kenyans are careless and that’s why the watch has a strong stainless steel and high-strength gorilla three glass making it suitable for any kind of sporting activity. Basically, you can step on the watch with your boots and it won’t crack. It has also received IP68 certification for dust and water resistance.

Users can also count on the long battery life that lasts between two and three days on a single charge. The device also has advanced power saving and can be charged using a wireless charging dock.

“In addition, users can customize their Gear S2s to their personal style. The device comes with a range of customizable watch faces and interchangeable wrist bands,” added Mr. Kariithi.

Samsung Gear S2 can also be synchronized with other smart devices including android mobile phones and home appliances which can help them manage their smart homes.

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