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  • Posted: November 19, 2015 at 8:27 am

Are you on Google+? Many people have accounts on the platform since it’s kinda mandatory to have one if you are using Gmail. Google+ was launched in 2011 without much fuss and by that time Facebook had a huge number of users. Google+ had a good strategy when it introduced circles, friends, colleagues and family. The circles were meant to create a social circle where people can interact and come up with new ideas. However, people never got to engage on the platform.

Now, Google+ is slowly struggling to gain popularity in a market where all gaps have been filled. I think the platform was under pressure when it started dealing with the Hangouts video chat feature and YouTube. Now, it wants to resurface again with a new strategy in the social media.

This is what Google wrote. “Today we’re taking a big step toward making Google+ an even better place for your interests. To do so, we’ve drastically simplified nearly every aspect of the product. You’ll see this clearly in our new navigation centered around Collections and Communities. Collections let you immerse yourself in content about topics like surfing ( or tiny tilt-shift photography scenes ( . Communities enable groups of people with the same interests to join up and geek out on anything from Game of Thrones ( to Painting ( With Collections and Communities, discovering amazing things is simple: just follow or join whatever happens to pique your interests.

But we didn’t stop with Collections and Communities; the new Google+ also makes it easier to post, search, connect, and keep up with great content in a fully redesigned home stream. And we’ve worked hard to make our new web experience load fast and work beautifully on devices of all sizes.”

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They added, “you can preview the new Google+ on the web today by signing in and clicking “Let’s go” when you see the prompt. (And since not every feature of Google+ has made its way into this new design, for now, you can toggle back to the classic Google+ with one click in the bottom left-hand corner.) In the coming days, we’ll roll out updated apps for Android and iOS.

While this is an exciting new beginning for us, we’re definitely not done yet. We got here by listening and learning, and will continue doing so. Please visit our Help Center ( or drop us a line in our support community ( to share your thoughts, questions, and more. ”

The platform believes it has what people want since they have been visiting homes and getting feedback from different users,”we’ve spent lots of time talking to people who are passionate about Google+. We visited them in their homes, we invited them into early testing communities and we learned more about how and why they use Google+.

“The predominant answer? Having a great place to keep up with and talk about their interests.”

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