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  • Posted: November 18, 2015 at 11:35 am

One month ago, Facebook was testing other reaction options like love, wow and hate. However, the widely rumored reactions never saw the light of day – was it a prank? Anyway, I don’t think Facebook will ever shift from the Like button it worships. On the other end, Twitter introduced the hearts which displeased many users. To add on that, the company plans to let people react to tweets with emoji characters expressing a broader range of emotions. Twitter emoji are currently being tested and it will be out soon.

Social networks are working towards a future where people can share what they feel online. This means people will only need a social media account to communicate in any given situation. Imagine, a family where the whole family has smartphones that have access to all Apps, so the family members eat in silence but shout online to one another. The described peculiar behavior will be the way of life to many family members and friends because the internet is making things way too easy and weird.

A friend of mine once told me that in the future thieves won’t need to shout and pass threats using their voice, they will use the silent and the most efficient way on social media. A thief will just hash tag the a location and order people around that place to put their wallets on the ground, those who don’t comply a malware will follow them and crush their phones or hack the accounts and expose everything online. I’ve just given someone an idea – hey! Don’t try this in real life, Safaricom will track you down.

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The emoji and other internet related stuff are being adopted widely across the world. On Monday, the Oxford Dictionaries made the emoji symbol for “face with tears of joy” its word of the year. The face does not even have letters but it qualifies to be called a word. In the spirit of upholding emoji, Twitter is serious about adding Twitter emoji. The Verge reports, a Twitter user _Ninji noticed the ability to select multiple emoji from the heart, including the frown, the grimace, the party noisemaker, and the 100. “I can’t believe they’re finally letting me (100) tweets,” _Ninji wrote. A screenshot showed three full tabs of possible reactions. In response to questions from The Verge, the user said the emoji reactions were part of a developer build accessed through a jailbroken version of the app, and that the feature seemed far from complete.

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