Duma Works supports hiring for Kenya’s growing rural agribusiness sector

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  • Posted: November 13, 2015 at 10:35 am

Agriculture is the mainstay of Kenya’s economy and its largest employer, accounting for 60 percent of total employment. But the majority of this economy—around 80 percent of it— is not formalized and thus not served by professional hiring and employment agencies. In response to this, a Kenyan job placement agency, Duma Works, that uses an online-and SMS-based recruiting platform, will now provide an affordable, high-quality hiring and employment package specifically for Kenya’s rapidly expanding agribusinesses.

The platform will target businesses such as rural agriculture suppliers and seed companies. Duma Works’ expansion into the agriculture sector is supported by a partnership with Agri Experience and sponsored by Kenya Markets Trust.

“These small rural agribusinesses across Kenya are the lifeline for farmers, and as Kenya’s agriculture sector grows, they need to be staffed by employees who understand customer service and have a deep knowledge of the seeds and other inputs farmers need,” said Aline O’Connor of Agri Experience, a consulting firm focused on improving Kenya’s seed sector. “Our hope is that our partnership with Duma Works will lead to staff that are well-suited for a career in rural agribusiness—one that will translate into better performance for the business itself and for Kenya’s farmers.”

The goal of the partnership is to develop more specialized expertise in the agriculture sector—leading to better support for employers and potential employees. Ultimately, Duma Works hopes to encourage the ongoing expansion of employment opportunities in small rural agribusiness.

“This effort began with a mutual desire to ensure employers in the agriculture and seed sector have access to the tools they need to hire the right human capital and grow their businesses,” said Arielle Sandor, founder of Duma Works. She added, “Agribusinesses are significant drivers of the Kenyan economy and it’s critically important to give them the staffing support they need to thrive.”

In case you want to pursue a career in Agriculture, just sign up for Duma Works by sending an SMS with the word “AGRICULTURE” to 22131. A heads up – Duma Works is the leading online recruiting platform in East Africa. Duma Works helps employers hire quickly and affordably through its online recruiting tools, while giving job seekers access to targeted opportunities over an SMS platform. Duma Works makes finding that perfect person a stress-free experience, allowing businesses to grow and job seekers to connect with jobs. Duma Works was founded in 2012, and has made over 5,000 job matches. Its database includes more than 250 employers and over 40,000 job candidates

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