Easy Taxi now available in Mombasa

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  • Posted: November 12, 2015 at 4:45 pm

Here is something new – Easy taxi is now available in Mombasa. If you are at Moi International Airport or Nyali, just click on your phone to get a cab. Apparently, the company has a lot to brag about. Firstly, it’s the most downloaded taxi App in the world, secondly, it’s convenient and safe. Anyway, I beg to differ, Uber took the world by storm — essentially Uber is the most downloaded taxi App in the world.

Easy Taxi is one of the fastest growing start up in the world. The company was launched in 2012 and it’s currently available in 30 countries and 420 cities. “The idea for the application came in June 2011, during the Startup Weekend Rio, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After that, Easy Taxi became a pioneer in online taxi services in Latin America.” Easy Taxi wrote.

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Mombasa is the only city in Kenya that has two internationally used transportation points. Visitors across the world prefer Mombasa because of a number reasons, and Easy Taxi is now ready to ferry people to their destinations. These taxi’s will be conveniently stationed in Moi International Airport. Passengers visiting the country for the first time can use Easy Taxi to easily tour the coast.

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Recently, Mombasa was faced with transportation drama after all the ferries broke down. The launched taxi’s in Mombasa should probably be introduced in Likoni because those people go through a lot. Well, this will be accomplished after the government erects a bridge connecting the two ends.

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How does it work? Easy, simply download the Easy Taxi App from Google Play store, create an account by providing your name, email address and phone number. Generally, I like downloading Apps from Play Store and play around with some uploaded Apps. Unfortunately, some games and downloads are fake and experimental. However, Easy Taxi is super genuine, just like Uber, you can actually see your ride on the map and conveniently summon it to your location.

The digital world is growing very fast and every company is developing either an App or a website to make things easier. Websites build a company’s credibility and it houses all the information about a company. On the other end, taxi companies and restaurants are now carrying out their services online which is convenient. However, these innovations have demerits, many people lost their jobs because the internet because it’s cheap and doesn’t wear out.



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