Truecaller helps you meet up your drinking buddies

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Trucaller has doubled its user base to 200 million users in less than 10 months. The company’s milestone comes at as it introduces number Tagging.

The new option lets users tag a contact based on a broad range of categories such as Transportation, Banking / Finance, or Drinks and Nightlife, making it even easier to ID your cab driver or your bank.

Truecaller now sees over 3 billion searches per month, showing a 50% growth from last quarter. With over 200 million spam numbers in their database, the Truecaller products are making communication safer, smarter, relevant and more social.

The latest feature launch represents a significant step in Truecaller’s commitment to enhance their technology, and use data in a smarter way, by curating information into their database, and helping it to become truly intelligent, and able to learn organically.

“Over time, we envision using this information to improve our users ability to identify who is contacting them, why they are contacting them, what they are contacting them about, and be able to make an informed decision as to whether to take the call, or not.” said Alan Mamedi, CEO and Co-Founder of Truecaller

True caller currently stands as a leading search technology company with intelligent services changing the phonebook.


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