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You probably have never heard of a company called Meizu, but it’s a legit tech company that started a long time ago. The company has amazing devices like the Meizu M2 Note, M1 Note, M8 and MX5. Well, enough about the company. Let’s focus our attention on the M2 Note. Rumor has it that the phone can beat Samsung flagship brands hands down. I am going to do a rundown of the phone’s features in comparison with other phones that I think are perfect.


Would you throw away your money to buy this phone? Well, I would. The phone is not too expensive, if you have Ksh 21,999, just contact Jumia and it will be delivered straight to you. The phone is pricey but it has insane features that will probably make you think twice about your current handset. The phone well compares to your beloved Samsung Galaxy J5 that sells for Kshs 21,000 and in some respect it can compete with the larger Sasmung Galaxy J7 that sells for Kshs 27,000. The now infamous Infinix Hot Note that sells below Kshs 12,000 at Jumia also has a lot of comparative features like the screen size.


The display gives you the first impressions. However, the fake dumb phones that crowd the market always utilize on this feature to trap buyers into their fakeness. But Meizu M2 Note is not fake, not when it comes do display. The Meizu M2 Note has a large 5.5-inch display making it a phablet.

This particular phablet on review has 1080p  true HD screen that gives viewers perfect image quality. Compared to the Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 that come with a super AMOLED screen of 720×1280, the Meizu M2 Note sits well at the top. Ideally, most mid range smartphones stick to a 720p resolution making the M2 Note outstanding with a 1080 x 1920 resolution and has a pixel density of 403ppi. Only Infinix Hot Note competes with the M2 note on display.


Memory and RAM

I don’t know why people never check these stuff before buying a phone. The RAM is very important. The M2 Note comes with 2GB RAM which helps multitasking with numerous apps. In addition, it has a 16 GB internal memory which helps in storing your favorite movies and documents. Most mid and budget phones have 512MB or 1GB of RAM, specifically, the Hot 2 comes with a 1 GB RAM. The Samsung Galaxy J7 and J5 come with a 1.5 GB RAM and the internal memories are 8 GB and 16 GB respectively. The M2 Note takes the cup.


The M2 Note runs the Mediatek octa-core 1.3GHz CPU which keeps the phone running smoothly. However, the Samsung Galaxy J7 has a higher processor of 1.5GHz and it’s closest sister J5 clocks a 1.2GHz processor.

Operating system

The Meizu M2 Note comes with the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop. This is not the latest from Google but still one of the best Google has released. We will only need to find out whether the M2 will quickly upgrade to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) that is currently available with a few selected Google’s own Nexus devices.


The Meizu M2 Note comes with a 13 megapixel rear camera with autofocus and dual LED flash, and a five megapixel front-facing snapper. 13 MP is a standard pixel for mid range and budget phones across the world. The picture quality by the phone in broad day light is stunning but the performance in dark places and at night are not as good as one would get from high end devices like the Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, or even from an iPhone.



Battery life is very important when it comes to smartphones. Samsung brags their Ultra Power Saving Mode that has gained fame over the past few months. The M2 Note has a non-removable 3100 mAh battery. I don’t like non-removable batteries because of a number of reasons. However, 3100 mAh is a good size for the phone given that the device is mid range. The J5 and J7 have a battery capacity of 2600mAh and 3000 mAh, a standby time of 342 hours and 3000mAh allowing 354 hours of standby time respectively. Infinix Hot Note still reigns king when it comes to battery as it features a 4000 mAh that can power on the device for four days in average use. Ideally, the M2 Note can clock 12 hours at full use, 24 hours at average use and more than 36 hours at power saving mode.


The phone is 4G enabled making it a top tier brand in the tech industry.


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