AfricaCom 2015: Ericsson enables change makers in the Networked Society

Ericsson’s ‘must-see’ demos at AfricaCom 2015 explore the power of innovation in building the Networked Society in Africa and include: Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud solution, Remote Patient Monitoring and Streamr, a 5G-ready tool that enhances the concert experience through real-time sharing of live videos.

Head of Ericsson sub-Saharan Africa, Fredrik Jejdling to deliver keynote on The Impact of a Digital Africa on a Connected World. Witness solutions that advance the proliferation of digital experiences at the Ericsson AHUB, Cape Town International Convention Center.

At AfricaCom, Ericsson will be demonstrating its commitment to enabling innovators in the Networked Society, as well as the impact its latest technologies and services can have in unlocking new business opportunities for its customers, businesses and society in general. AfricaCom, the continent’s premier ICT conference starts on Tuesday, November 17 at the Cape Town International Convention Center (CTICC), Cape Town, South Africa.

This year, Ericsson’s exhibition will be hosted in the Ericsson AHUB innovation station at AfricaCom located in the ballroom on the first floor of the CTICC. The Ericsson AHUB innovation station will bring together Africa’s leading entrepreneurs, tech start-ups and angel investor communities to encourage investment and showcase talent in the technology sector.

Fredrik Jejdling, Head of Ericsson sub-Saharan Africa, will deliver a keynote presentation at AfricaCom at 9:30am and the Welcome Address at the launch of the Ericsson AHUB at 12:00.

Beyond meeting the people shaping the new connected African experience through innovation, visitors to the Ericsson AHUB will also engage with Ericsson experts who will demonstrate a range of innovative solutions that are designed to enable change-makers in areas such as mobility, broadband and the cloud, creating the foundation for new Eco-system, and transformation across industries such as transportation, education and even entertainment as they explore demos showcasing the following:

In a connected world everything is possible
Connecting smart products opens doors to new business opportunities and disruptive ideas involving things yet to be named, and markets yet to be discovered. The Internet of Things (IoT) enables radical innovations and services that will revolutionize our lives and change established and emerging business models. To capture emerging business opportunities it is important to understand all the dimensions.

Discuss the possibilities with experts at AfricaCom, where Ericsson will host interactive demos of innovative solutions including the Volvo Connected Car, Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud solution, Remote Patient Monitoring and Streamr, a 5G-ready tool that enhances the concert experience through real-time sharing of live videos.

One network for a million needs
In the Networked Society success for operators builds on a flexible and efficient infrastructure that enables them build offerings towards new value chains, support millions of different services and, devices and work perfectly where ever people want to connect. At AfricaCom 2015, Ericsson will showcase how our networks support the frontrunners of tomorrow.

The exhibition, will feature a demo of the latest Ericsson Radio System, a revolutionary, design-forward, space and energy efficient, modular mobile network solution that puts operators on the road to 5G by delivering industry-leading performance. It will also provide a showcase for solutions that optimize network performance and improve quality and efficiency of network and service operations, delivering performance and flexibility allowing African operators deliver an enhanced customer experience in a world where every user and application has unique requirements.

Industries reborn in the age of connectivity
Over the past decade, ICT has started to play a much larger role in society and has begun to challenge how economic systems are understood and structured. Technology no longer just simplifies and improves business practices and processes, improving the productivity of large-scale companies, it has begun to tear down institutional barriers and place control of content into the hands of end users. Today it connects not just people and places, but industrial systems and the physical environment in new ways that challenge the existing operating structure of many industries.

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