The New OLX App is here and it is time to delete the old one

Hello OLX user, how are you doing? Do you remember that OLX was up to something new? Something better? Something faster? Well, the new OLX App is already here, and before you rush to your respective Apps stores, you need to foremost delete the old OLX App. This is why.

The new OLX App is not an upgrade of the previous App, it is a complete overhaul from grounds up, using a totally different coding programme thus, if you do not delete the previous App and you want to enjoy the benefits of the new App, you will end up having two OLX Apps in your phone or tablet – with the old App becoming redundant.

After Installing the New OLX App, one thing that you will notice immediately is the inclusion of a chat feature. As I mentioned in the previous article, the new OLX App will allow buyers to chat directly with the sellers within the App – that is if both are online at the same time. To access this feature on Android, you’ll tap at the menu on top left corner (Filters) and choose chat. The chat conversation will be empty if you haven’t sent or received a message to/from anyone.

The other beautiful thing about the new OLX platform is that not only is your information protected, including your interaction with potential buyers or sellers, but that your photos are easy to watermark such that those selling similar items will not be able to use your photo for the items they intend to sell. Additionally, it is now way easier to report sellers who appear to be involved in fraudulent activities as the report button is visible than ever before.

To further safeguard buyers from fraudulent people posing as sellers, OLX will now require sellers to create an OLX account with a verified email address. This is because most of the time sellers use new email addresses for each ad, and starting now each seller will have to operate from their verified OLX Accounts.

The advantages of the New OLX App do not stop at the buyer’s point of view. Sellers too will have an option of enhancing their ad quality by allowing OLX team to edit their ads for clarity where their ad description may be edited for typos and grammatical errors. This feature will specifically play a great role for job seekers. In my experience with OLX job seekers, majority of them do not have the time to properly sell themselves. You’ll find a job seeker posting an ad like this, “I am Mary seeking for any work”. If there is a serious job provider on OLX, I can bet that 100% of the time Mary will not have a chance for interview. However, if Mary would allow the OLX Team to edit her ad, she can have the opportunity to properly present herself to potential employers.

Once again, OLX has launched a New OLX App that will allow you to use less data, access listings faster, feel safer while using OLX, and interact with OLX sellers or buyers more easily. If you have any questions regarding the New App, do not hesitate to contact the OLX Team.


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