An escape from Twitter

She stepped on the gas pedal forcing the Subaru Impreza 15S slide briskly on the estate’s thin tarmac. The car made weird screeches from the deftly drifts waking everybody in the neighborhood. The loud music in the car zoomed a picture of despair. The car acted as a road expert but the driver killed the moment with a monster speed and reckless turns. Her world stood on a shaking needle.

“The closer you are to death the more alive you feel.” The thoughts ran in her mind and the only thing that could make her feel better was the high speed charged from the powerful engine. She tightly held on the steering wheel as tears rolled down her eyes blurring her sight. The speedometer ticked 120Km/hr but she wanted the car to rocket itself from earth to another planet.

The car gained momentum as she made a lousy turn on the highway. She took the fast lane and accelerated to top speed. The overworked suspensions made the car bounce and the body made numerous tilts as it slid down the busy highway. The back lights reflected red streaks on the shiny tarmac as other drivers were left amazed by the crazy driving.

She branded herself an outfit on social media. “Why…why is Twitter so ruthless? I hate my followers…I hate the # tags.” Deep mourns filled the car. She placed her life on the line when she approached the roundabout. She knew a fatal accident was knocking on the door and she was already on the door knob ready to welcome it. The drizzle made the road slippery and all cars were slowed, but she wanted to escape from this social world.

Abusive tweets and nude pictures that trended that week played in her mind like an anthem. She couldn’t bare it anymore, she wanted an eternal sleep and the highway opened a huge door of opportunities.

Twenty meters from the roundabout, she slowly let the steering wheel free, placed both hands on the head, closed her eyes and powered the machine making the engine produce massive horsepower that was compensated by the turbocharger making the car jump from 120 to 140Km/hr. A loud bang followed by a scream filled the air as the car somersaulted onto the roundabout. The lightning flashed a white light through the air and appeared red above the wrecked car.

Many people are using social media for different reasons. Recently, Twitter users got a chance to exploit Bro Ocholla trend. Defaming a person can be fun in your mind but the victim suffers a lot. The Constitution gives us freedom of expression but every right has a limit. Next time you post something on Social media consider the other persons feelings because some people are suicidal.

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--- Erick Vateta is a lawyer by training, poet, script and creative writer by talent, a model, and tech enthusiast. He covers International tech trends, data security and cyber attacks.


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