LG’s magic remote eliminates the difficulty of operating smart TVs

As the country continues to welcome the switch-over to digital broadcasting albeit some opposition from certain quarters, smart TV manufacturers are already providing solutions that make it convenient to users besides providing a better viewing experience.

A smart TV is a digital television that is, essentially, an Internet-connected, storage-aware computer specialized for entertainment.

As smart TV continues to revolutionize the way consumers watch and experience entertainment on their TV, it is LG’s futuristic magic remote has been designed to bring convenience to consumers.

How it works

With the innovative remote, one can click, point, scroll or use voice commands to change channels, search for something new. Additionally, the user friendly device can also be used to operate connected devices, help consumers spend less time navigating confusing menus and juggling multiple remotes.

The magic remote eliminates the difficulty of operating smart TVs and makes the complicated simple. It features hotkeys for streamlined navigation to preset favorites as well as gyroscopic sensors which allow the user to select content simply by gliding the cursor across the screen like a PC mouse.

As LG entered the smart TV market, it sought to create an interface that allowed users to get the most out of their TVs but also kept them from being overwhelmed at the sheer number of choices that are now available.

This is quite a departure from when TVs first started to appear in households, their lack of sophistication and the fact that there were only several channels to choose from meant that viewers didn’t need a complicated control interface to get the most out of their new devices.

LG has proven itself to be an innovator time and time again. The latest example of its pioneering spirit in television design can be seen in how thoroughly the company has dominated the emerging OLED market.

OLED is an exciting new technology that allows for televisions to display true black for the first time ever. The ability to create shades of black that were impossible only a few years ago enhances the color contrast in OLED images, giving them a vibrant edge.

That the display market is highly competitive, and superior picture quality remains a hugely important differentiator, is a no brainer and manufacturers have been forced to continually innovate.

The smart TV’s menu is fully customizable and the futuristic remote brings out the best of LG’s webOS 2.0 operating system.


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